Al-Qaeda affiliate's execution of disabled man in Syria sparks outrage

A man grieves for Iraqi journalist Yasser Faysal al-Jumaily, killed in December by al-Qaeda-linked fighters in Idlib, Syria. The group later killed a mentally disabled Syrian in the same province. [Azher Shallal/AFP]

A man grieves for Iraqi journalist Yasser Faysal al-Jumaily, killed in December by al-Qaeda-linked fighters in Idlib, Syria. The group later killed a mentally disabled Syrian in the same province. [Azher Shallal/AFP]



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Al-Qaeda-linked "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) fighters recently executed a mentally disabled Syrian fuel vendor in Saraqeb, Idlib province, saddening local residents and sparking criticism of the group's misappropriation of Islamic sharia as a pretext for their crimes.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the killing in a statement and photo of the victim posted to its website Monday (December 9th).

According to the statement, ISIL members shot mentally disabled Ibrahim Qassoum in the head after detaining him for two days and accusing him of blasphemy.

The incident began when ISIL members bought fuel from Qassoum they claimed had been watered down.

When they asked him why the fuel was impure, he replied, "How would I know? What am I? The lord of fuel?"

Qassoum's body was found in the city on Sunday, bearing the marks of a gunshot wound to the head, the Observatory said.

In a similar incident, the ISIL executed 15-year-old coffee vendor Mohammed al-Qatta in front of his family members in Aleppo's Shaar neighbourhood in June after accusing him of blasphemy.

A bid to control fuel trade

"All the people of Saraqeb know very well who Ibrahim Qassoum is, how he behaves and the words he uses. He was just an ordinary person, kind, very excitable and [prone to] saying things impulsively, spontaneously and unknowingly, and he had been like that since childhood," said Mohammad al-Khaled, a member of Saraqeb's local co-ordination committee.

"Although he was not a religious person, he participated in group prayers, particularly on feasts and occasions, and often helped those who wanted to purchase fuel from him by charging less than the full going price, especially since the cold weather increases public demand for fuel for heating," al-Khaled said.

When news of Qassoum's arrest spread, some activists and elders sought to negotiate with ISIL elements for his release, al-Khaled said, but no one was able to meet with them to explain the victim's mental condition.

"It was not the first time that ISIL elements had confronted Ibrahim and other fuel vendors, for they aimed to control this trade and confine it exclusively to their comrades and those who support their actions," he said.

"The word 'lord' is uttered casually and spontaneously by people in the region and rarely means God, for it has several meanings depending on the context, such as boss or superior," he said.

ISIL has 'no religious mandate'

"An insult to the divine self is anything said by a person with an intent to derogate or disparage God almighty or to insult God directly," said Mohieddine al-Kayali, a graduate of Al-Azhar University's faculty of sharia and law who taught religious studies at public schools in Syria.

However, "the person who was killed was known to be overly kind and half-witted, bordering on being demented, and therefore he was not punishable nor was he accountable," he said.

The issue also has to do with who carried out the punishment, al-Kayali said: "ISIL has no religious mandate to administer these matters, which are in the purview of only senior Muslim scholars and specialised judges who are well versed in the rulings of sharia and the law."

"But then it is not uncommon for these groups to act in this manner," he added. "For they are accustomed to accusing anyone they want of being an infidel, in accordance with the swift fatwas they issue to serve their own ends, of which religion is often entirely innocent."

Not the first execution

Al-Qaeda relies on methods of intimidation which include carrying out executions in order to impose its presence and terrorise dissenting voices, said al-Qaeda affairs specialist Maj. Gen. Abdul Kareem Ahmed, who is retired from the Egyptian army.

"Al-Qaeda is keen on imposing its presence with fire and terrorism in Saraqeb and throughout Idlib," he told Al-Shorfa. "This stems from the region's strategic location in the middle of the areas liberated from the control of the Syrian regime; a natural corridor for those who wish to move between those areas."

The execution was not the first in this region, Ahmed said. Reports have surfaced that a person accused of drinking alcohol was killed; and earlier this month ISIL fighters killed Iraqi cameraman Yasser Faysal al-Jumaily near the Saraqeb border.

Al-Qaeda used the same modus operandi in most Iraqi cities where it operated, executing many civilians, he said.





    No to terrorism and Long live the Arab people with free will and independent decision.

  • احمدماهر


    You do not know anything about Islam.

  • د/محمد اسماعيل


    Da’ish (AKA Israeli Arab Mass Destruction)

  • منصور البديري


    Why all of you describe the ISIL as Iranian organization, because Iran is Shiite? Why do not you say that it is Israeli, particularly given that there is no difference between Israel and the KSA?

  • عبد الحميد ابو سالم


    O God! Grant victory to Islam and Muslims. We seek God's help against the oppressors.

  • زمزم الراشدي


    God says :-The believers are only the ones who have believed in Allah and His Messenger and then doubt not but strive with their properties and their lives in the cause of Allah. It is those who are the truthful.

  • صاصا


    We seek God's help and support!

  • ام حسام


    May the Lord take revenge on them. May god punish the enemies of religion who speak in religion’s name.

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    Patience is the key to the easement.

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    Why is this?

  • محمد دغبوش المنكوشي


    There’s no power and no strength except in God Almighty. God, relieve our suffering. Please, God, quickly, as is not but as a glance of the eye or even nearer, sweet Lord.

  • عراق


    I am with the Iraqi army and against the ISIS.

  • ام زياد


    May God crush and destroy them.

  • ام فايف


    There's no power and no strength except in God.

  • كرار


    May God take revenge upon ISIL and its sponsors.

  • محمد الحلفي


    I ask God to protect Iraq and its people.

  • Esraa M ohamed


    O God! Grant victory to the right and defeat the falsehood.

    • king elshelfa



  • الشاعر لطفى البحيرى


    The Syrian revolution started in the same way. The children are killed, then Al-Jazeera makes reports. This causes international anger and then intervention. Eventually, the people would be displaced and turn into refugees. The USA, Qatar and Turkey must be ashamed of what they did in Syria.

  • علي السعدي


    God damn the Da’ish group. Most members of this group are Afghan and Saudi citizens. The emblem of their flag is in front of our eyes.

  • عبدالله عبدالمنعم عبدالاه


    God is enough for us and He is our best supporter against killing honorable Muslims. These people resort to such mean acts for the sake of this ephemeral world and for gaining power.

  • عبدالله الفرحاني


    They take the religion as a cover for their greedy aspirations.

  • حيدر المالكي


    We ask God to take revenge upon ISIS.

    • شهاب


      Da'ish is the enemy of God and the enemy of humanity.

  • سهيل البطي


    ISIL are Iranian agents waiting to kill the Sunnis that are in Iraq and they don’t enter.

  • فاطمة المياحي


    We are with the Iraqi army against al-Qaeda and Daish.

  • احمد الشافعي


    May God bless the Iraqi army and people. O God! Grant victory to all Muslim states and purify them from the filthy and terrorist tyrants, who have no religion or honor. Amen O lord of the worlds.

    • ramadan allshafy


      Those people do not fear God.

  • جميل ح و ش


    God will never grant victory to the oppressors.

  • يوسف شكر


    A foul, criminal organisation that’s murdered a person who God forbade killing.

  • لبناني حر


    First, there is nothing called the arm of the Islamic State in Ira and Levant. This is a Saudi, Zionist, and Qatari state.

  • ادم


    We still suffer from the first picture.

  • د2


    This is prohibited.

  • احمد


    Then, what can we say, what can we comment. We only want the situation in Iraq to settle. Say God willing.

  • hussein


    No. Only God against darkness.

  • ابويزن


    Syria’s leader is Al-Asad… Syria’s leader is Al-Asad…

  • ساري


    The honourable, heroic resistance in Lebanon led by Hizbullah and the honourable, beloved Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah are paying the bill for the Zionist enemy’s defeat, with the participation and approval of some Arab countries that Hizbullah belittled with its victories over Israel. I say to those who are ignorant that all these hateful groups and gangs were created by the Arabs and the Turks, but the Persians are the supporters of the resistance and the masters of men.

    • حسان


      Long live Sayyed Hasan, the master of resistance.

  • Ahmad al asir


    They indeed deserve.

  • Ahmad al asir


    The ISIS deserves this!

  • Ahmad al asir


    May God curse the ISIS.

  • ابو عراق .بابل


    Even if there are a million ISIL it doesn't matter to the courageous Iraqis.

  • عراقي حر


    The ISIS is an Iranian tool, as proved by the fact that it fights the Free Syrian Army in in Syria and kill the Sunnis in Iraq. The Syrian army takes their acts as pretexts to kill the civilians. May God curse the USA and Iran. The honorable and decent people must say amen.

  • جاسم صباح


    We seek God's help against the ISIS.

    • منم


      You are right!

  • العراقى


    May God curse ISIS and its advocates.

  • كريم على


    Long live Egypt. Egypt is above all and no one can defeat it no matter what happened.

    • عبدالله رشيد


      God, give victory to Morsi and those who support him, O Lord.

    • اخوك فتحى


      May God bless Abdullah.

  • ابن العراق العظيم


    Al-Sheikh al-Kubaysi is one of the members of Da'ish organization. Because if it was not so, why is it then that he resides in Dubai? Why isn't he in Iraq?

  • عبدلله


    These are crazy behaviors that have nothing to do with Islam. Those people adopt deviant thinking and they must be killed.



    I swear by God that ISIS is a Zionist, Iranian and US tool to defame Islam and the Arab revolution. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and the Syrian regime contributed to this. Please reply.

  • عباس تويج . العراق


    The creative chaos is the main US strategy to disturb the situation in the region and it is being implemented at the hands of the Saudis and Qataris. The Salafist ideology is a Zionist ideology. Anyone claims that Iran has anything to do with this, actually proves his inability to realize the truth. This also confirms that the minds of the Arabs still deficient and too irrational to study the reality well.

  • اكرم موالي لاهل البيت ع


    May God curse Da’ish and its followers for sake of Fatima Zahra.

  • كامل


    For how long will Arabs remains in this ignorance? Da’ish and al-Qaeda are just an Israeli trick.

  • صفاء العبادي


    O God! Allow the emergence of your Wali soon.

  • ابوفاطمه


    I want to know what the ISIS’s religion is. They kill the Sunnah, Shia, Muslims and Christians. I want an answer please, may God have mercy upon you.

    • حسن خميس حمدونة


      We seek God's help against those who give them money or bullets.

  • علي عبد الكريم


    Professor Sheikh Ahmad al-Kubaysi, in his interview the other day with Al-Baghdadiah satellite channel, quoted Anwar al-Hamdani that there were no such things as al-Qaeda, Takfiri groups, Dai'sh group, nor any other group affiliated to them.

  • الناهي


    O Allah, curse all those who help Daash and Al Qaeda , Al Saud and Al Thani.

  • مرتضى


    O Allah, curse infidelity.

  • saad


    No group is allowed to execute the prescribed penalties in Islam unless they are paid homage by the Muslims so that it becomes the religious body that has the power and that assumes the responsibility before the people in the streets.

  • علاء حسن


    O God! Disgrace Al-Qaeda, ISIS and unite the Sunni and Shiite Muslims. O God! Curse all those who try to divide the Muslims.

  • عماد


    Simply, those people are not Muslims, but they are actually against Islam.

  • اكرم الظالمي


    I swear by God that ISIS is an Iranian and US tool to defame Islam and the Arab revolution. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and the Syrian regime participated in making this tool too.

  • سالي


    I no longer believe all forms of the mass media, whether the radio, television or papers. I behave according to sharia, not according to my own whims or the whims of anyone. God is forgiving and He sent Islam as a mercy to the world, not as an oppressive or dictatorial regime.

  • منيرالظفري


    Terrorism is the work of the Americans and their allies. God will sustain the truth.

  • عاشق العراق


    O God! Grant victory to Iraq and the Iraqis over ISIS and all Takfiris.

  • مجاهد


    The attack on Islam became too clear to all people. These groups and the disbelieving colonial states that support them like Saudi Arabia, do this in order to defame Islam and make preemptive strikes to prevent Islam from ruling the people. Therefore, they introduce Islam as a religion of violence and terrorism and defame it. They play the role of the colonial states to target the idea of Islam and the Islamic state as well as the unity of the Muslims and their lands. Dear brothers, colonialism looted the land of Africa until they made Africa beg from the whole world. After the end of the cold war, the west looked for another enemy, and they chose the political Islam to play this role. Hence, do not be deceived with the groups, agents and plans of those people. Whenever a Muslim fights, he complies with the commandments of the Prophet, peace be upon him, who said, “Do not kill a child, an elder, or a woman. Do not cut off the trees….”

  • مسعود ابو الهيجاء


    We belong to God The Almighty and to him we shall return. We ask God to accept him among the martyrs, who were killed by the traitors who take the religion as a cover, while religion is innocent of them.

  • الحساني


    May God curse the ISIS and its supporters.

    • عربي


      Many western states try to destroy the concept of the political Islam through providing indirect support to the groups, which claim that they defend Islam, while Islam has nothing to do with them. they did this in Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other states. you must always remember those who were behind the Arab destruction or the so-called Arab Spring.

  • الوايلي


    Speeches must be funny without any insults, exaggeration, arrogance or fabrication.

  • وبشر الصابرين


    We lack honesty and truthfulness in most of our historical books, so do not rely on them so much. The truth is that only Qur'an and Sunnah are correct.

  • hvmjbn


    We seek God's help and support!

  • زاهر


    O God! Grant victory to our heroic army.

  • بلات


    2014-1-4 this is the dream of the emirate that they want to achieve. However, they will never reach the status that entitles them to lead the Arab secular people. This is not how Islam should be. We are Muslims, but we are also secularists. We believe in God alone, not a person represented in Al-Zawahiri, Qaradhaawi, Zarqawi, or Baidawi. I swear by God that they will erase you from this earth, God willing. We will haunt you in your dreams an turn them into nightmares. I want to assure the writer of this article that those people do not represent Islam because the people’s desires are not cocktail. Islam is innocent of those people and God promised to support his religion and the Muslims. Allaah The Almighty Said (what means): {O ye who believe! If ye help Allah, He will help you and will make your foothold firm.}, {Fain would they put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah disdaineth (aught) save that He shall perfect His light, however much the disbelievers are averse.}, and {Lo! Those who disbelieve spend their wealth in order that they may debar (men) from the way of Allah. They will spend it, then it will become an anguish for them, then they will be conquered. And those who disbelieve will be gathered unto hell}, God has told the truth. No matter what they do, they will never succeed.

  • عﻻءالبصراوي


    God, curse ISIL, Al-Qaeda, and the Free Army. God, break them apart,

  • البنيان المرصوص


    We seek God's help against the oppressors.

  • مجاهد


    These groups are small mafia gangs and they all work in return for money. However, I assure them that they will suffer the worst defeat at the hands of the most honorable people.

  • شهد المرادي


    May God take revenge on ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

  • adel nageeb


    Bashar is a mad dog and his followers are dogs his army is murderous. We seek God's help and support!

  • بنت الشام


    Stop the oppression and humiliation. May God curse ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

    • ابو رضا العراقي


      Why do not we curse the darkness and the killers who have nothing to do with Islam?

  • خالد


    We shouldn't sentence a person to a certain punishment unless we have established his guilt according to the law and the Islamic law, with the Qur'an. God will give victory to the right and eliminate the false. May God help Islam and the Muslims.

  • خالد


    We should not sentence one to death penalty unless they are convicted legally and in a way that is consistent with the Quran. May God grant victory to the truth and make falsehood vanish and may He grant victory to Islam and Muslims

  • زكي الحكيمي


    Do not mind, dear. There is nothing called Al-Qaeda or terrorism. We are speaking about Israel, USA and Saudi Arabia here. They are fighting the Muslim nation. Glory be to Islam.

  • اسامه منبج


    We are not the terrorism. We have risen to raise the slogan of "there is no god but God!"

  • ابو محمد


    If the level of thought and mentaliy of Muslim Arabs stays the same, we have to ring the death knell of Islam. The way that they present Islam as a religion of wrath, instead of the religion of mercy and kindness, it is far from God, because His mercy towards His servants is more than a mother’s love towards her baby. Those who claim they are believers should follow the Surah al-Kaferin as their model, in which the God of Majesty and Power says: “let your religion be yours and my religion be mine” and this is the most vivid evidence about how people benefit from freedom of speech, even towards their Creator.

  • ام محمد


    Terrorists are the ones who have no hope in God’s mercy; they are ignorant people whose acts are idiotic. They have considerably managed to defame Islam and Muslims, while they have no religion or sect. It’s a pity that they claim being Muslims or being Sunnis, because Islam does not have a need for terrorism. We have our own clerics and Imams who are familiar with the forgiveness and indulgence spirits and they teach us that tolerance is one of Islam’s features. Da’esh will be destroyed. They are the Khawarij of the time and God will never help Khawarij, and it is not important how much despotic they are.

  • عقيل الدلفي


    These are the actions of the terrorist Saddam.

  • walid ibrahem


    What do you expect from living in such a neighbourhood? Countries active in this respect support terrorism and allow it to commit crimes under the name of religion. But they condemn it strongly in other places while they prohibit fighting it and destroying it in other places. God help us.

  • علي التميمي


    O God! Curse Al-Qaeda and its supporters.

  • ليون سوريا


    The peace from ISIS and the so-called Free Syrian Army deserves to be stained with feces. The same thing applies to their stinking religion, and disbelieving and tyrannical scholars. Islam has nothing to do with those people, because it is a true religion.

  • أبو أمجد


    First of all, counsel, Mr. know-it-all, have in mind that all of the Syrian people are terrorists.

  • المهندس


    May God spare us any more evil from Al-Qaeda and ISIL and save humanity from their wickedness and ignorance.

  • حسين العتابي


    The world is very beautiful without Al-Qaeda. They kill and act like beasts without any moral or religious deterrent.

  • فؤاد السعيدي


    O God! Grant victory to Islam and Muslims. O God! Take revenge upon Al-Qaeda and ISIS. O God! Save the nation of Muhammad, peace be upon him, from this distress.

  • كاضم العراقي


    This is prohibited.

  • محمد


    May God have mercy upon him and upon all Muslims. O God! Take revenge upon them.

  • ابو حسن


    The so-called ISIS does not know God and its members are merciless. They are a group of the murderous criminals. May God punish and curse them.

  • مجد لبنان


    Those who dream that this state can be established are fantasizing, and they will certainly fail. I swear to God that that you will never remove our memory and we will haunt you forever.

  • مجد لبنان


    They dream of establishing an emirate or state, but they will never achieve such dreams that allow them to lead the Arab secular people. Islam is different from this. We are secular Muslims and we believe in God alone not in Al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaradhaawi, Al-Zarqawi, or whatever. I swear by God that you will never remove this memory and we will wipe you out of the earth, God willing. We will confront you and haunt you in your dreams and sleep. We will be the nightmare, which will disturb your eyes and darken your nights.

  • ابو العراق


    The ISIS are terrorists and their demise is near, god willing – Abu Al-Iraq – Al-Ramadi

  • ﺍﺑﻮ ﺣﻤﻮﺩﻱ


    O God! Have mercy upon him and admit him to Paradise.

  • عبد الجبار


    Those people are merciless. We belong to God The Almighty and to him we shall return.

  • صلاح مهدي


    I suggest that the Muslim scholars from all sects and schools (Hanafi, Shafi’i, Shiite, Maliki, and Hanbali schools) should meet and issue a collective ruling that those Wahhabis are infidels and that anyone supports them would be a non-Muslim.

  • حمدى جميل


    Our condolences. We wish that you will continue the procession in your life.

    • علي


      God, expedite salvation so we can be freed from these infidels.

  • الوحش


    The USA and Israel are the main sponsors of terrorism. The troubles are only made by the west and his agents.

  • مؤيد العراقي


    I do not know whether the world is naive to what? Before we curse Al-Qaeda, its slaughterers as well as all their supporters, we have to stand against their financiers and those who pay millions of dollars to them in order to destroy the Muslim nation and defame it in front of the world. The word of a Muslim became hated all over the world, especially in Europe because of those deviant people, which are sorrowfully supported by an Arab oil-producing state, which claims that it is the home of Islam. However, they do not know that their end became close thanks to the pure blood that they shed. These bloods are so precious in the sight of God and it will not go in vain. Woe to you from the God’s penalty. You have destroyed the religion of your prophet through the horrible acts that you committed. Your fate in the hereafter will be horrible too and the believers will eventually be happy.

  • سلفي


    Remember God.

  • احمد جلال


    We ask God to grant victory to the ISIS over the Syrian infidels first.

    • اكرم موالي لاهل البيت ع


      God curse ISIL and those loyal to it, in the right of Fatimah al-Zaharaa.

  • الجعفري


    O God! Protect the army of Iraq and the army of Al-Hussein, the martyr.

  • أشرف صلاح


    Arabs must be united to confront those terrorists.

  • ابوالحارث الحر


    O God! Help your weak salves.

  • وطني


    May God help us regarding what is coming into Syria, which was the home of Arabism, before becoming like this.

  • ابوايناس الهيثمي


    Peace be upon you…. Does Al-Qaeda consider itself as the agents of God on earth to prosecute whomever they want? What is the source of the filthy policy of those people?

  • مهند الشمري


    Peace be upon you…

  • بخيت حبور


    O God! Grant victory to the Arab south over the harmful northerners. O God! protect Hadramut, God destroy the oppressors.

  • ثامر الشبلي



    • سعيد زكي الدموني


      O God! Grant victory to our brothers everywhere in Palestine, Syria, and Yemen. Amen, O Lord of the worlds.

  • المحامي ابوعماد الشبﻻوي


    Those people have no religion. They are terrorist groups, which seek to seize the money of the people. Islam is a religion of tolerance and it does not know slaughter.

  • محمد



    • محمد عافية


      The important thing is to see Islam achieving success.

  • سجود لله


    O God! Grant victory to the Free Syrian Army over the criminal killer Bashar.

    • ميسر بالله امين مصطفي


      O God! Grant victory to the truth.

    • شهد التميمي


      It seems that your sisters are with the so-called Free Syrian Army. May God disgrace you.

  • ابو عمار


    I am one of those who take part in the revolution against the regime of the traitor Bashar, but the existence of Takfiris such as ISIL has brought us to forget the loathsome Bashar and remember who are the most despicable. Because the regime in Syria is far from Islamic law and religion, but ISIL is killing us on the pretext of instilling Islamic law and religion, and they are serving Bashar and the rulers of Iran.

  • محمد


    This is prohibited!

  • جمال


    Out you and you!

  • وجيه


    There is no power except with God the Almighty.

  • اليافعي اليمن


    I would like to say that terrorism in all its forms is the main source of threats to the whole world.

  • اليافعي


    I say that terrorism in all of its forms is a source of danger to the whole world.

    • يحيى


      I advise you to keep silent because you do not know what is happening in Syria.

  • حيدر سعد


    Peace be upon you

  • مسب


    This dangerous terrorist group aims at murder and the Muslims must expel Al-Qaeda must the Muslim lands, because they kill the Muslims in the name of Islam without any trials or lawyers, but on air. If someone who suffers from mental disorder committed a mistake, is it acceptable to execute him? We should not allow this malicious element to remain in the body of Islam.

  • عمرو


    These elements are far from the religion and they trade in the blood. However, God’s mercy encompassed everything. God the Almighty did not put you on this earth to create havoc. You are deviant criminals.

  • شريف طة


    We must clarify things!

  • ابوعلي


    This is not part of the noble religion of Islam which god made a mercy for the worlds. But these strayed cliques have distorted the image of Islam. We belong to god and to Him we shall return. There is neither power nor might except with god. And the aggressors will know their destiny. And the believers shall have the final say. (god has spoken the truth).

  • العبادي


    These extremist groups are not religious and they do not know the religion at all. The evidence is that whenever they have control over any city or village, they spread murder and corruption. The real financiers of these groups are Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. However, I expect that these groups will spread in these countries, especially Iran and Saudi Arabia by the end of 2014. Soon, these groups will be strong and divide Saudi Arabia into a number of states. Iran will follow it, God willing, and when this happens, the Muslim peoples will live in real peace.

    • ابوايناس الهيثمي


      May God curse you Bashar. Are you comfortable now? You have displaced your people. Fear God regarding your people. Do you believe that God will not punish you? God may give a respite, but he never forgets. Your end will be very bad, God willing. You will be killed horribly to be an example for the others.

    • محمد


      The Iraqi forces target the hideouts of Al-Qaeda in Anbar desert.

    • خميس البغدادي


      God, save our honourable people in Anbar and those who help the Iraqi army against the criminals of ISIS. They have no religion.