Iran 'directly involved' in recruiting Iraqis to fight in Syria: officials

Iraqi security forces patrol the border with Syria. [Azhar Shallal/AFP]

Iraqi security forces patrol the border with Syria. [Azhar Shallal/AFP]



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Hajj Hassan al-Abbadi, 54, never expected that his 22-year-old son, Abu Fatima wanted to fight in Syria. When he left home, al-Abbadi thought his son was going with friends to tour Iran, he said.

"I was shocked when one of his friends telephoned me to say, 'May you live long, and may Abu Fatima rest in peace,'" al-Abbadi told Mawtani.

Abu Fatima and another young Iraqi, Majtabi al-Hassany, had died in a clash with Syrian opposition fighters, al-Abbadi told Mawtani during a joint funeral service for the two men, whose bodies arrived on April 5th in Baghdad al-Jadeeda.

According to al-Abbadi, his son and al-Hassany had joined the Abu Fadhel al-Abbas Brigade, a group affiliated with the Iran-backed Hizbullah Brigades in Iraq.

"My son was a worker at a soap factory before he joined a group of extremist, uneducated friends," al-Abbadi said. "I often tried to persuade him to avoid their company but he refused."

"Today, he reaped what he sowed by leading himself to death," he said. "He did nothing for his country, nor did he save anyone. Rather, he fell a victim to a conflict of a country to which he did not belong."

Recruited to fight in Syria

Like Abu Fatima al-Abbadi and Majtabi al-Hassany, a number of young Iraqi men have reportedly headed to Syria to fight in that country's conflict, according to security officials and members of parliament.

On March 28th, April 5th and April 9th, Iraqi security officials at al-Waleed border outlet received the bodies of seven young Iraqis between 17 and 30 years old, "who were all killed in fighting inside Syria", said Col. Bassem Khalaf al-Obaidi, an officer with the third brigade of the second district of the border guard forces command.

"Their passports show they had officially left [Iraq] for Iran, not Syria, and there is a missing link between when they left for Iran and when their bodies arrived in Iraq from Syria," he said.

"Iraqi al-Qaeda members who are killed in Syria do not come back to us, as they are buried there," he said. "But the bodies of those fighting alongside the regime of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad are returned."

He said groups affiliated with Iran take Iraqi youths to Iran under the guise of religious tourism, where they are trained, given a reasonable amount of money, and then sent to Syria by air.

"We have information indicating there are training camps in Iran close to the Iraqi borders, devoted to graduating fighters to send to Syria," al-Obaidi said, including fighters belonging to the Abu Fadhel al-Abbas Brigade, which includes Iraqis, Lebanese and Syrians.

The Hizbullah Brigades in Iraq confirmed in a statement to Mawtani that fighters are being sent to Syria.

The Abu Fadhel al-Abbas Brigade "is devoted to the protection of religious shrines in Syria against" the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Jabhat al-Nusra, said Sheikh Watheq al-Battat, the leader of the Hizbullah brigades, of which the Abu Fadhel al-Abbas Brigade is a part.

"We believe that defending [the shrines] is a sacred jihadist duty from which we cannot shrink, and those groups opposed to the regime of President Assad should not come close to our shrines," al-Battat told Mawtani.

Al-Obaidi said Iraqi security forces try to block "anyone suspected of intending to fight in Syria, whether for the opposition or the regime -- part of the Iraqi policy of non-interference in the affairs of neighbouring countries."

"After this was discovered, Iraqi authorities stepped up security measures along the borders and at land border crossing outlets in particular," he said, adding that those groups started "sending fighters by air, rather than through the normal land route".

Last month, the Iraqi government said it would tighten search measures on Iranian planes and ground convoys traveling to Syria to ensure they contain no weapons. Syria-bound Iranian flights using Iraqi airspace will be monitored and suspect planes will be grounded and searched.

"The Iraqi government is trying hard to stop these death trips, whether for young Iraqis or others, which are undertaken by way of Iraq," al-Obaidi said.

Iran involved 'directly'

Security reports that reached the office of the Iraqi parliament speaker "confirmed the death of a number of Iraqi youths in Syria, who were fighting on the side of the regime of President Bashar Assad", said Iraqi MP Ahmed al-Alwani.

Iran is directly involved in recruiting Iraqis and Lebanese to fight in Syria using the young men's need for money, and their religious fervor, which is driven by Iraqi religious leaders close to the Iranian regime, he said.

Security reports "point to night time flights between airports in al-Najaf, Tehran and Damascus to transport gunmen, who are being trained by al-Quds Force", he said, accusing Iran of seeking "to support the Bashar Assad regime in any way it can, but without sacrificing its own citizens, and instead sending Iraqis and Lebanese to fight there".

"We have evidence on this and are now working on preparing a complete file to present to the concerned authorities to put an end to it," he told Mawtani.

"Iran has become a source of concern" for all states in the region, al-Alwani said.

"Al-Qaeda is also playing a role in the recruitment process in all the region's countries, but al-Qaeda is a terrorist, non-official organisation, whereas what Iran is doing is an official effort," he said, calling on Iranian authorities to stop "exploiting the financial need and religious fervour of young men to thrust them into a big battle that would trigger a sectarian conflict in the entire region".

"Throughout the past two weeks, there have been repeated scenes of the bodies of young Iraqis killed in Syria, who were fighting under the Abu Fadhel al-Abbas Brigade, and this matter is now apparent to everyone," said Hamed al-Mutlaq, rapporteur of the Iraqi parliamentary security and defence committee.

Such recruitment "cannot serve the peace in Syria or Iraq", he told Mawtani. "The entire area will be in a serious predicament if the recruitment of young men, whose bodies we see brought to Iraq every now and then, continues."

He said many of those sent "to protect sacred shrines" are "residents of poor areas, squatters, illiterate people or others who, by the use of misguided teachings, were persuaded to go".

"Iran bears a large part of the responsibility for the blood that is being shed in Syria and Iraq, and it must realise that this behavior has placed it in the same niche as that of al-Qaeda," he said.

Shia religious authorities reject interference in Syrian conflict

"The position of the religious authorities in Iraq on the Syrian crisis is clear: a political solution and non-interference in Syrian internal affairs," said Sheikh Ali al-Haidari, one of the clerics in charge of Baghdad's sacred al-Kadhimiyah shrines.

"As Shia religious leaders, representatives of the higher authorities in Iraq, we prohibit going to Syria to fight for this side or that," he told Mawtani. "We see Iran's moves in this respect as far from innocent -- in this, it is fuelling the sectarian war in Syria and stoking it in Iraq once again. It must stop using religious emotion for its political interests in the survival of the Assad regime."

"Those who go there and die cannot be considered martyrs because they went in the absence of a fatwa or an honest religious call for jihad," he said.

Meanwhile, Iraqi political analyst and director of the Baghdadi House for strategic studies, Taleb Naji al-Karkhi, told Mawtani he believes "Iran is trying to use Iraqi youths as fodder for the Syrian conflict, just as al-Qaeda is doing today: recruiting fighters and training them for political ends."

"The disappearance of the Assad regime would mean a weakening of Iran's and the Lebanese Hizbullah's role in the region," he said. "Thus, it resorts to such actions for fear the rise of a truly democratic regime in Syria would undermine this role."



    انا سني من الاردن


    I support the stance of Iran against the rulers of the Gulf States, who invited the rubbish of the world in to employ them and deprive the Arabs who do not have visas. At least, Iran wants to give us oil for free for 30 years to help the Jordanian people who beg for food from Saudi Arabia. Welcome Iran and its great stances. Syria proves your truthfulness and faithfulness. You do not abandon your friends at the time of hardships.

  • ابو نور الياسري


    Peace be upon you... I am against Al-Assad and all oppressors. I support the Syrian people, but do the Syrians really need a change? Do the current developments in Syria achieve he interests of the Syrians? Do you consider that thousands of victims and displaced people in addition to transforming Syrian from a paradise into a hell serve the Syrians? In Iraq, we suffered from the same problems throughout the recent years. After getting rid of Saddam and his wars, siege, hunger and mass graves, Al-Qaeda and the Nusra Front came to us accompanied by thousands of irreligious individuals to slaughter and blow up everything. So what!

  • سوريا بلا بشار احلى


    You will achieve victory, God willing. God is the Greatest and glory be to Allah.

  • محمدعلی


    The party of Hizbullah would certainly be victorious.

  • ابو حمد


    This is illogical. The Iraqi youth go to Syria to defend Sayyeda Zaynab, but actually, Iran exploits them for political gains.

  • عراقي غيور على العرب


    A zealous Iraqi…. I call on all Arabs to be united and join their ranks. Beware of Qatar first and then Israel, because Qatar today plays the role of colonialism. Please, pay attention.

  • على محمؤدحبر


    We seek God’s help against Al-Asad.

  • لواء‏ ‏ابو‏ ‏الفضل‏ ‏العباس


    Anyone believes that he is good, he must go and defend Sayyeda Zaynab.

  • جدران الصفراني


    Just like Syria has intervened in Iraq, we have to intervene in Syria.

  • أحمد السباعى محمد


    We seek God's help and support!

  • السيد اسماعيل سليم


    I am Sunni Egyptian and I wish victory for Bashar and Syria. Shame and disgrace to Qatar, Israel, and the USA. I do not accept destruction of any Arab state under any justification whether it was freedom or democracy. Does Qatar have freedom? What is happening is a war between the major powers that seek to implement their own agendas.

  • محمد سلامة


    We seek God's help against all the oppressors and traitors

  • حبيب عبدو


    Fear God regarding women and children.

  • الباحث دبلوم بحري حمزه محمد جاسم العراق بصره


    Peace be upon you…. The political solution is in the hands of Russia. Syria must remain the Arab state that seeks to destroy Israel, as it is against the Arabs and Iraq, which is a powerful state. Russia and the Arab states such as Libya, Syria, and Iraq…. This is a conspiracy against the Arab states by Israel.

  • محمد الأردني


    You accuse the people of being US and Israeli agents in Syria, while Iran, and some Shiite gangs are more dangerous to Syria, Iraq and the Arab world in general.

  • ابو عبدالله محمد


    O God! grant victory to Islam and Muslims in Syria.

  • الشاعرفارس الحسني


    Fierce criticism of a single party in this conflict and shedding light on the problem from one aspect is unacceptable at all. The Saudi-Qatari interference is explicit and sending the Arab unemployed youth with stinky heads to fight under the flag of al-Qaeda with a Gulf and Israeli support is very clear. Do not silence the voice of truth or alter it.

  • ابوعلي السعوديه


    O God! Destroy the pharaoh of this nation and his supporters as you destroyed the old Pharaoh and Haman an those who supported him.

  • ابو فاروق


    Do not break the stone. This is the Iranian policy to eliminate the Arab and Islamic nation.

  • محمد الملكي


    Where are the Arabia Shield Forces? Are they drinking beer?

  • سلسبيل


    May God take revenge upon the mad dog Bashar.

  • jwan


    This is the zero hour, and the time for the inauguration of a massive military operation to be carried out by the Syrian forces backed by the forces of the Lebanese militia Hezbollah. Regarding the subject, a high-level European intelligence officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that what is happening in Syria is monitored by global intelligence services, which played a greater role through the direct support to the armed groups in the form of training, armament with the most advanced weapons, rockets, guns, and electronic devices (thermal binoculars, highly advanced communication and monitoring equipment, decryption devices and anti-jamming stations). Moreover, some states sent commando teams and human elements to the battlefield. These states include the USA, France, Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. They coordinate through a joint command center. The officer recounts that their building inside Aleppo was targeted by the Syrian army in an airstrike that killed a number of intelligence agents and wounded others while our officers survived miraculously. This raised questions about how the Syrian army knew about their location. He added that this happened several times, but he refused to talk about information published in the Western media about capturing a number of those elements. With regard to the battle of Quseir, he said, “we have been following closely, since yesterday, the attack of the Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters who follow a non-traditional way in the battlefield based on a stronger military plan which allowed these forces to launch a more accurate attack. The battle began with the siege of the town of Quseir gradually, through progress across the rural areas, village by village and town by town. The forces adopted the policy of "slow yet steady military seizure of land". The available information about the battlefield stressed the strong participation of Hezbollah’s fighters and referring that this was a decisive factor in the element of the battle.

  • الناصر الدين


    Defending the shrine of Sayyeda Zaynab is a religious inevitable duty. As for the statements of Al-Alwani, I think that he is raving by a man who has no history or religion. Accuses Iran of the responsibility for this, but all people must realize that we are Shiaa and that we are ready to crush all those who oppose Ali and his household.

  • متابع


    Damn your trivialities and silliness. When will you stop deceiving the minds of the readers? Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey interfere but Israel is neutral. The father has the right to adopt any opinion and the son can do whatever he likes. He went to God with his free choice and he will sit with the Prophet, peace be upon him, in the highest ranks of Paradise, if your report is accurate. May shame and disgrace be upon you o agents of Zion.

  • mohmad


    Obviously, we have two camps. The camp of the USA, Israel and their agents in one side, and Iran, Syria, Russia and their followers on the other side. What is the right side and what is the wrong one is important. Do not let the fact that some parties are Muslims deceive you, because most of the verses of the Quran speak about hypocrites, i.e. untrue Muslims, who would be sent to the bottom of the hellfire. There is no Sunni or Shiite today, because either you are with the first camp or the other one. Many of the two parties are hypocrites and you have to make your decision before it is too late. The first camp has Sarkozy, Netanyahu, Obama, Hamad, Saud, Erdoğan; and all of them have agreements with Israel, and all of them support Israel without limits.

  • abd


    I am from Syria and I am Sunni. Why don't you talk about Chechnyans, Afghans, Tunisians, Egyptians, Saudis, Emiratis, Turks, Israelis, Moroccans, and Europeans who kill the Syrians in the name of religion? On the other hand, you frequently refer to the Iraqis, Iranians, and Lebanese who fight alongside the Syrian leadership! Please, fear God in your reaction O Arabs, as you have deviated much from the truth and fairness. The Syrians were never oppressed, but they were living well until the Gulf governments became angry with the President Bashar Al-Assad and Shia on orders of Israel. Fear your Lord! Have you ever heard of a Shiite who stands with Israel? Have you ever heard of a Shiite who blows himself among the Muslims because they disagree with him in opinion? Have you ever heard of a Shiite who was a spy against his people? Fear Allah as to what you say. If you have a blessed step to stop the bloodshed, then take it. Otherwise, those who fear God must shut up. May God damn those who foment the sectarian strife inside a nation, which entertains by killing its children. The majority of the Syrians are with the President Bashar Al-Assad. Do you not think that this is enough for you to stop pouring oil on the fire, and to spray a glass of water instead of spending billions of dollars to burn a safe country because you do not like President Bashar Al-Assad for not standing alongside Israel like you do? Our patience ran out because of the acts of those Arab apostates. May God deprive you of his peace as you deprived us of it. You hired the thieves, bandits, addicts, and homosexuals to attack us, steal the country, and sell it to Turkey, before burning the rest of it. O God! I have conveyed the massage. O God! Bear witness. The Messenger of God, peace be upon him, said the truth.

  • ابوعبد العزييز


    Iran is the Satan of our time.

  • محمد العبودي اخو باشا


    May my soul be sacrificed for the Lion of the nation, Bashar May God grant you victory

  • ابومصطفى


    We seek God's help and support!

  • ابو عبدالله


    O God! destroy Iran, Bashar and the pagan party of Hezbollah.

  • moran


    May God take revenge upon the oppressors who cooperate with the global Zionism and the west, who looted the riches of the nation. Where are the stances of freemen and intellectuals? Wake up from your coma because God would reckon you if you did not get rid of the toys of the Gulf States.

  • هاني الهقيش


    May Allah have mercy upon Saddam Hussein.

  • العربي


    All what I want you to do is to watch the Russia Today TV Channel every Thursday at 8:30 PM (Iraqi time). You will listen to wonders and you would notice the aggression against the Arabs and Islam. We ask God to unite the Arabs and the Muslims. Do not shun the right path because of the small number of the passengers on it.

  • محمد عادل


    Muhammad Adel says that the country was destroyed.

  • جمال فرحان


    O God! guide all people to what is good

  • احمد حسين


    I want to say that not only the Iraqis are being killed in Syria. there are also Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, and Afghans. Try to use your minds.

  • islam


    Shia have nothing to do with Islam. We ask God to show us the wonders of his abilities against the traitorous Bashar and to send him with the Pharaoh and Haman to the lowest rank in hell. May God make you an example to those who may try to imitate you.

  • مهند العلواني


    None worthy of worship except God alone.

  • علي الجنــــابـــي


    O God! Put off the fire in Syria and take revenge upon those infidels who kill the children and women as well as men. Now, the brother kills and displaces his own brother. We seek God's help and support!

  • mahmoud


    Allah and the whole universe.

  • نبيل


    The overbidding as to the love for the household of the Prophet, peace be upon him, is not convincing. The Shiite media and other mass media exposed those who usurp and loot the peoples’ money under the name of the household of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and the religion, while they actually reject it. The household of the Prophet, peace be upon him, are innocent of those who use their name to lie about them. Thanks to God, all the Muslims love the household of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and those Shia actually hate them because they worship them besides God through seeking blessings from them, and asking them for help. The Prophet, peace be upon him, deserves all the honor and respect, but those fake Shia deny this prophethood through slandering his wives and abusing his companions, in addition to defamation of his message and raising doubts about his Sunnah. The Shia worship the shrines that they defend and this angers God and his messenger and household, peace be upon them. the Shia were exploited by Iran and its followers to oppress the people in the name of the household of the Prophet, peace be upon him, who are innocent of the crimes of the extremists who became like the children of Israel in all their principles, behavior, arrogance, racism sectarianism, ignorance and dividing the people into masters and slaves. They became like the master so Quraysh, who were bitter enemies of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and like this children of Israel who were too arrogant to follow Islam. the testimony of the thinker Ahmad AL-Qabnaji and revisions of sheikh Hasan Al-Mu’ayad in his book, Ethaf Al-Saa’il and many other scholars provide strong evidences of this thought and its agreement with the polytheism. This is confirmed moderation of the revered Shiite scholar Hussein Fadl Al-Alah, may Allaah have mercy upon him, which accords with the thought of imaam Zayd ibn Ali ibn Al-Hussein, peace be upon him. We ask God to guide the Muslims to keep away from the road that claims following Islam under the name of the household of the Prophet, peace be upon him, while they actually call for a new, yet old, relgion that allows Iran to lead some Muslims on behalf of some enemies of Islam, who seek to divide the Muslims. However, God would grant victory to the true religion of Muhammad rather than the religion of those who claim love for him, while they actually follow the religion of Ibn Saba’. The religion of those deviant people is a mixture of the paganism, Judaism, and priesthood.

  • سماح


    May God destroy terrorism and grant victory to our dear president Bashar.

  • ابو المعتصم المقدسي


    The accursed children of the Mut’ah deserve to be crushed by God.

  • hassanmoon


    We will not make Zaynab fall twice into the hands of enemies.

  • ليث الشويلي


    It is a duty upon all Muslims to protect and defend the shrines of the Imams everywhere in the world, whether in Iraq, Syria, Iran, or any other state.

  • عمر علي عثمان


    These are useless minds I swear. May God have mercy upon Abu Hadlah. I swear you are a crown over the heads of all turbans. May God curse all the traitors and agent of Iran

  • جوزيف بروستيتو


    Meaningless talk…

  • سيد


    Yes to Bashar Al-Assad.. the armed forces of Ali!

  • مصرى


    May God disgrace such men

  • محمود علي من مصر


    To Allah belongs the command before and after

  • رياض الهيتي


    What is the cause of this grudge and hatred against Iran? Although I do not like this state, however, it is fair to shed light on the role of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

  • لبنا


    What will we do?

  • ثروت عكاشة


    The Muslim Sunnis and Shia are the same. There are no Jewish or American Muslims. All Muslims are equal and our prophet is Muhammad, peace be upon him.

  • محمد التميمي


    The close friends of God should never fear or be sad. May God curse the Nusra Front and Al-Qaeda, as they are the enemies of God and humanity. They adopted the thoughts of the Zionists against the Muslims, and they seek to defend the Muslims, as they are loyal to the infidels and the hypocrites.

  • ابؤ طالب


    The voices that we hear from the evil scholars against Syria only serve the US interests.

  • ابو حسن


    Allaah has decreed and what He wills He does.

  • حسام الربيعي


    O God! Take revenge upon those who try to divide the Iraqis and destroy the unity of the Muslims.

  • ميثم الحسني


    May God grant victory to Bashar Al-Asad.

  • حماده الطيب


    Were it not for my poor mother, I would have joined the brigade of Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas and supported his sister Zaynab. We say to Imaam Al-Abbas that we will never leave your sister to be captured again, God willing.

  • مهدي الحمداني


    In the name of God the Most Merciful, the ever Merciful. I really do not understand why some people say that the brigade of Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas is responsible for the defense of Al-Asad, while it only guards the district of Sayyeda Zaynab. It has no relationship with Bashar or the Syrian opposition. Its main mission is to defend the shrine of Sayyeda Zaynab, may God be pleased with her. We all heard what the infidels have done to the shrine of the honorable companion in Syria. hence, we will not allow them to repeat what they did. We supplicate for you, O heroes of Abu Al-Fadl Brigade.

  • الجابري


    A tyrant ruler is better than a lost nation.

  • احمدالشيخ


    This issue is about one very simple thing. We have to respect and understand the public opinion. This means that only the experts in politics should speak and those who do not understand should never speak because all they say will be useless. Those who speak should be aware of what they say and use their minds. As for the ignorant people, they should not interfere in what does not concern them. God knows the best.

  • الفقير الى الله


    O Persians, please have some patience, and we seek God's help against you.

  • علاء المالكي


    We, the Alawis, have the honor to fight and defend our sect. Victory is ours and shame on the Takfiris.

  • هشام المصري


    Dear brothers, have you never thought that these news could be invented by US intelligence to spread hostile feelings between the Arabs and the Muslims on one hand, and Iran on the other, because Iran disagrees with the Americans and the Israelis. Dear brothers, wake up.

  • البغدادي


    This does not aim at defending Al-Asad, but I would like to know whether chewing the hearts of the people is jihad? Is destruction of the shrines revolution? We do not forget the chewer of the livers, Hind.

  • مهدي العراقي


    Politics is full of lies and hypocrisy for the sake of other's interests. The best thing to do now is to wait for the easement. The Prophet, peace be upon him, has said the truth. O Allah! Facilitate the emergence of Mahdi and curse the oppressors in this world and in the hereafter.

  • ترك كرين


    May God bless the brigade of Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas for defending the shrine of Sayyeda Zaynab

  • العراقي


    Unfortunately, the blood of the Iraqis have become so cheap. Please, have mercy upon the Iraqis. Allah will suffice me and He is the best guardian

  • علي خريس


    I see that it is inaccurate to say that a single party or group goes to fight in Syria, but all parties, groups, and organizations should fight as I consider this as an international US-Zionist conspiracy. The losers would only be the Muslim Sunnis and Shia because of the deadly ignorance in the minds of the youth and lack of awareness and culture. They have succeeded in dividing us, but we would meet in front of God to reckon us soon.

  • السيد خالد الشريف ليبيا


    Victory is close for our brothers in Anbar

  • عقيل العبادي


    I am Aqil form Iraq and I am a state employee. If I had a chance to fight in Syria against the Takfiris, and to protect and defend the shrines of Sayyeda Zaynab, may God be pleased with her, I would agree even if I was killed thousands of times.

  • رضا


    Long live the heroes of the Iraqi revolt against the British and long live the Iraqi army

  • أخت الأباة


    There is no power except with God the Almighty. We seek God's help and support! God is True and he never accepts anything but the truth. So, He will grant victory to his religion and its advocates. He has a rationale behind everything and we realize it over time.

  • ابو باقر البصري


    The brothers who perform jihad to defend the sacred shrines in Syria is crown over our heads.

  • محمد


    Hahahaha… this is sweet and you are liars.

  • عماد


    Unfortunately, Arab people were blinded by the sectarianism and forgot .. Israel shelled Syria and the Free Syrian Army rejoiced and they even accepted to make interview with the Israeli fifth channel. Those traitors brought shame to us.

  • علاء


    Who is responsible for the disentombment of the body of the honorable companion of the Prophet, peace be upon him, Hajar ibn Adyy? Is disentombment allowable under Islam? Anyone loyal to the Prophet, peace be upon him, must defend the sacred shrines irrelative of his home. This issue has no relationship with the nationalities, ethnicities, or sects. This is a zeal for the Prophet, peace be upon him.

  • علي العربي


    O Lawrence of Syria, do you consider the attack on the tombs of the companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and disentombing their pure bodies as a form of jihad? We seek God's help against you.

  • نجوى


    We have no purpose other than protecting the shrines not to be attacked as what happened with the shrine of the companion Hajar ibn Adyy, may God be pleased with him. These shrines of the righteous people and children of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and we use them as means to intercede for us with God to facilitate our reckoning on the Day of Judgment. we need some people to intercede for us because they are better than we are in this world, while we are negligent. Hence, we cherish our symbols and our shrines.

  • كرار


    Long live the Iraqi army. May God support and help you.

  • ديب ديب


    I blame the clergymen because they did issue a fatwa regarding the necessity of lying, because there is nothing about which they did not issue a fatwa, even regarding marriage. The only thing that they did not allow is lying, because the smart man said that the son of Fatimah made tourism in Iran. O man, we seek God’s forgiveness.

  • عبدالحسين


    We Alawites are jealous and we fear for our homes, honor, and sect. Our way of fighting in Syria aims at protecting the shrines. This is an honor to us and shame on the Takfiris.

  • حسين ناصر


    I am a student at the College of Law, not an illiterate, and I wish that I could get a chance to fight among the ranks of Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas Brigade. Fighting with them is an honor as it is against the army of the deviance. I wish to be killed thousand times as I would be among the youth who believe in their lord.

  • bosylove6000


    No comment other than seek God's help against any oppressor or killer.

  • Mohammed Mahmood


    The Iranians, American, and Jews are in one trench to destroy the Arab world, starting with Iraq. I wish that the Arab Spring could gather all the Arabs to fight their enemies to live in security and win the respect of the world.

  • يونس النعيمي


    Hitler said that he does not care about the fate of the Arabs because they will kill each other someday.

  • دوحة


    Lo! Allah changeth not the condition of a folk until they (first) change that which is in their hearts!

  • عبد الله علوش


    O Bashar, the problem is not the support of other countries, and you cannot use the help of these militias or cooperate with the Iranian Shiites or Hezbollah to eliminate the Syrians.This is a losing deal. We knew in the strategic district in Homs that Iran is standing by the Syrian regime, and it’s not a new thing to us to see militias supporting the regime that became interested in foreign support. There are supporters of Bashar from Hezbollah, and in Iran there are militias, which indicates that he’s planning and preparing something, not out of fear of the Free Army but maybe an American attack on Bashar’s regime. Probably Bashar is preparing for a US attack with these militias, and with this Iranian party, but with that approach Bashar would have the brain of a chicken and not a human.

  • راشد معاذ


    I wonder what Iran wants exactly. Does it want to sow hatred between Muslims only or to murder people as a support to Bashar and terrorism? I also wonder whether it wants to spread Shiism in the Arab nations and to send Iranian Shiite militias to murder the Sunnis of Syria. What kind of country is Iran? It is better for all of us to impose a blockade against this country since it is really promising a new Tatar or Mongol. May Allah protect Islam from this country. The catastrophe is that this country claims itself Muslim. There is no power but from Allah, these really seem to be the signs of doomsday.

  • حاتم سامي


    Our hearts will die of sadness due to the following reasons. In the past, the lamentation of one woman was enough to gather the armies and send them in thousands for battles. Today, however, the situation is as we are seeing and we will witness. In the end, the party of Iran in Lebanon under the leadership of Hassan Nasrallah has been exposed. The hands of these people have been stained with the blood of Syrian women and children. Unfortunately, we have warned our brotherly Syrians from Iran, its party in Lebanon and the epics of Mr. Hassan Nasrallah. We also claimed that this Party is sectarian since it accepts no one but the Shiites in its ranks. Yet, our brotherly Syrians were used to complaining about us and defending this party. Here they are today regretting supporting this filthy party by even a single word after it is too late.

  • ابن الرمادي البار عدو العلواني


    Iran is less worse than Al-Qaeda. as for Al-Alwani, why now after destroying Iraq and our dear governorate in Anbar. We seek God's help and support!

  • nabih


    I did not like this.

  • عبدالله سحلول


    O God! Spare the blood of the Muslims and unite them. The Muslim is the brother of the Muslim. There are no so-called Sunnis or Shia, as we are all the followers of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, peace be upon him.

  • khaledallam521


    We are Arab!

  • الشفياني


    May Allah grant you victory and help you.

  • ابو تراب


    You understand nothing about the religion or anything. Fighting in Syria is not to support president Al-Asad as an individual, but is a defense of the Muhammadan Religion against the forces of oppression and Takfir.

  • برهان بن علي


    I call on all the Iraqis to be united in the face of the US enemy first and then the Iranian enemy. May God grant you victory.

  • سعيد


    Why do you exaggerate. Wahhabism hates and destroys the Sunnis and the Shia.

  • hatemsalem


    We seek God's help against them.

  • محمود الشمرى


    It is true that they kill people and participate in their funerals. The sectarian Al-Sadr killed the Sunni men, women, and children and slaughtered them like sheep, but today he demonstrates against sectarianism. Indeed, their conditions are very sorrowful. Hasan Nasrallah participated in demonstrations in Lebanon against the blasphemous film, but he did not protest against those who worship Bashar. Why did the followers of Muqtada Al-Sadr not protest against sending militias to Syria to kill the Muslims there for sectarian considerations? Participation of those people in any peaceful popular movement will destroy it internally and make it fail completely.

  • ناصر


    The statements of Ali Al-Haidari are Taqiyya and Zaynab has no shrine in Syria, because she was buried in Baqee’. In addition, did Abu Muhammad have evidence that the Nusra Front is loyal to the intelligence? You consider lying as worship and this is how you write the history.

  • ساره ساره


    The Arabs are in a crisis. We ask God to help them and save them from this crisis. The Arabs slept and left the extremists to oppress each other in the name of the religion and deceive the people under the name of the religion. May God disgrace them because this is the Fitnah itself. They mislabeled sectarian strife under the name of the religion. O God! Save the world from sectarian strife.

  • عراقي


    Iran does not care about killing the innocents, but it only cares about its interests.

  • ابوعبدالله


    May God bless you.

  • علي


    Yes I liked it.

  • محمد التميمي


    May God bless you; People of honor.

  • لورانس الشام


    There is no power except with God, the Almighty. The Syrian people defend their religion, honor, and dignity, but when the Shiite youth enter Syria under the pretext of the defense of the shrines, then we must say that this is illogical. Are we enemies of Sayyedah Zainab, Sayyedah Sukainah, or the household of the Prophet, peace be upon him? Sunnis love the Prophet, peace be upon him, his household and honorable companions.

  • ابومحمد


    The Nusra Front is a product of the Arab intelligence, which made them hate Islam. This had no existence before the revolution and this will be a serious problem in Syria.