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Jabhat al-Nusra's rise in Syria: testimonies from inside

A torn poster of Syrian President Bashar Assad hangs in the northern Syrian city of al-Raqa on March 5th following days of fierce fighting. [Mohammad al-Hussein/AFP]

A torn poster of Syrian President Bashar Assad hangs in the northern Syrian city of al-Raqa on March 5th following days of fierce fighting. [Mohammad al-Hussein/AFP]



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The fallout from Jabhat al-Nusra's (JAN) pledge of allegiance to al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri continues, with Syrian opposition factions quick to criticise and to repudiate the announcement.

Moaz al-Khatib, head of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, called on JAN to sever its relationship with al-Qaeda, according to various media reports.

In a speech earlier this week before opponents of the Bashar Assad regime in Turkey, al-Khatib called on Syrian Jihadists, specifically JAN, to sever their ties with al-Qaeda and its leadership, to change their name and to clearly associate themselves with the leadership of the Syrian revolution.

Meanwhile, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) distanced itself from JAN, while other opposition battalions affiliated with the FSA, including the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front, condemned and rejected the group's pledge of allegiance to al-Zawahiri, calling instead for unity and moderation.

The Syrian Islamic Liberation Front comprises several Islamist factions, including the Tawhid Brigade, the Farouq Brigade, Liwaa al-Islam and Suqoor al-Sham Brigade.

The Front expressed surprise at al-Qaeda in Iraq's (AQI) statement announcing the establishment of a unified organisation, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

“We express our surprise over this narrow, partisan approach by people [...] who do not comprehend our reality and the interests of the blessed revolution,” the group said in a statement. “They impose a state on us without consulting us, led by an emir we did not choose or even hear of except through media outlets.”

"Pledging allegiance to someone who does not understand our reality does not serve our people or nation," the group said.

Exposing 'JAN's real plan'

For Omar al-Raqqawi, a field activist in al-Raqa in north-central Syria and member of the Syrian Nonviolence Movement, the relationship between the Syrian opposition and JAN was strained even before JAN pledged allegiance to al-Zawahiri.

Now, things are "clear and out in the open, inside and outside [Syria]", he added.

JAN's pledge of allegiance to al-Zawahiri "exposes JAN's real plan, which is to establish an Islamic state and apply sharia socially and politically", he said.

"This not something that can be imposed by force but must rather be decided by the Syrian people through the ballot box," al-Raqqawi said.

"JAN's recent moves on the ground and [attempts] to undercut some armed factions in their areas were without question a prelude to this announcement," he added.

JAN 'took advantage of our weakness'

Al-Raqqawi, interviewed in Egypt, recounts how JAN imposed its control over al-Raqa, leading to clashes between the organisation and area residents.

"They took advantage of our weakness and our need for equipment, weapons, medicine and foodstuffs and bargained with us and everyone else and got us to side with them in exchange for protection," he told Al-Shorfa.

"JAN does not have a large number of fighters from al-Raqa itself, and the majority are jihadists who came from other areas like Homs, the Aleppo countryside and Idlib, as well as Arab jihadists," he said.

"The people of al-Raqa maintained their call for a non-violent movement for a large portion of the revolution," he said. "But when the situation began to escalate and when it became apparent the departure of the regime's army from the area was approaching, it was necessary to secure protection, not only for citizens and their homes but also for vital public facilities such as the museum and the municipality building."

He said town residents agreed that JAN would provide security only at the entrances to al-Raqa to control entries and exits and to stop abuses and violations, he said.

"However, after al-Raqa was liberated [last month], residents were surprised to see JAN elements had spread throughout the city and posted their slogans everywhere," he said. "They gradually imposed their control on bakeries, gas stations and other aspects of daily life."

The people of al-Raqa are now blocking JAN's attempts to impose their authority, such as banning the sale of cigarettes and prohibiting non-veiled women from walking in the street, according to al-Raqqawi.

JAN is also appointing new mosque preachers on the grounds that "none of the former preachers can be trusted", he said.

"This provoked city residents, who began to clash with JAN elements, specifically because JAN banned raising the flag of the Syrian revolution on the grounds it is the flag of non-believers," he said. "The big confrontation occurred in the last week of March, when city residents held a demonstration that included men and women in protest over JAN's authoritarianism."

JAN responded by "declaring al-Raqa the launching point of the Islamic emirate, doing so in front of the provincial headquarters, which led to a confrontation and many arrests by JAN", al-Raqqawi said.

JAN elements in al-Raqa always wear black face covers and dress mostly in black, he said. They raise al-Qaeda's flag and other black flags inscribed with Islamic slogans.

Al-Raqqawi described the current situation in al-Raqa as "very tense".

Tal Abyad and Manbij

Tal Abyad is an important border city with a crossing linking al-Raqa province with Turkey.

Halim Moatez, a retired professor and province resident, said JAN emerged in the area after the liberation of Tal Abyad and its border crossing by the FSA last September.

"The first problem arose on account of JAN's flag and the insistence of its elements to raise it at the border crossing," he told Al-Shorfa. "FSA soldiers at the time, however, were able to persuade them to remove it and raise the flag of the Syrian revolution instead."

At the beginning of this month, Moatez said, "JAN elements clashed with al-Farouq Brigade under the command of Abu Azzam, which is in charge of the affairs and security of the crossing. The clash left four people dead and many wounded."

According to Moatez, JAN seeks to take control of the crossing "to hold the reins in the region and expand its control."

Not far from al-Raqa, in the Aleppo province town of Manbij, "the situation is akin to fire under ash due to restrictions enforced by forces loyal to JAN under the guise of a 'sharia committee'," said Mahmoud Rafih, a member of Manbij's co-ordination committee.

"Clashes regularly erupt between FSA soldiers and JAN elements who claim to pursue thieves, bandits and smugglers," Rafih told Al-Shorfa.

He said the situation on the ground reflects JAN's inclination to control the region and exclude all other armed factions from it.

Its elements "are concentrated in liberated areas and they no longer have a heavy presence in combat zones, participating only by way of suicide attacks against military structures and fixed check points", Rafih said.



    عربي حر


    May God curse Al-Qaeda and the Nusra Front as well as all the terrorist organizations everywhere, because they have spread fear, violence and slaughter and destroyed the home and countries. These are not the revolutions. What will we benefit from changing the rulers if this is the alternative?

  • عبده حجازى


    O God! Grant victory to our brothers who perform Jihad in Syria. O God! Destroy the tyrant Bashar.

  • أبن العراق


    I have a question to all the honorable Arabs: who put out the roadmap? Who encouraged the Arab Autumn using Saudi and Qatari (or Zionist) money? Where are the Arabs?

  • ابو فاطمه المالكي


    This is only the beginning and what you have seen from those terrorists is nothing of what you are going to see in the future. You have to fight this group.

  • احمد المليحى / الرقه بمصر


    The Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army have disagreements. Look to the Shia in the region and their solidarity. There still some hypocrisy in the heart.

  • المؤيدين والمعارضين أمثال النصرة والقاعده بخندق وا


    Anyone who accepts humiliation to his country and seeks the help of the foreigners to slaughter his compatriots, as what happened to our people in Raqqah will face the same thing. However, how did those who seek the help of their oppressed compatriots to get rid of the slavery and enjoy the freedom to accept the interference of a man like Al-Zawahiri who is a suspicious man with links with the international Zionism? This man destroys the image of Islam in front of the eyes of the west to control the life of the people. Is this freedom? Is this the religion? Since when we use coercion to make people believe in Islam? We always used love and tolerance as what happened to this child yesterday in front of my eyes. Two parents killed their child under the pretext that he is an infidel. Instead of killing your child and ending his life sending yourself to hell instead of him, try to teach him how to love his religion and how he can be polite. Teach him how to serve the religion rather than killing him. They are agents of the regime and no matter what they did; I will never forgive them for this horrible crime against our country. Is it logical to get rid of a tyrant through replacing him with another tyrant while the opposition who are residing in hotels? I am very sorry for what is happening in my country.

  • سديم


    Exactly as happened in Iraq, al-Qaeda came under the pretext of resistance and fighting the Americans and carried out terrorist operations against the simple Shia to foment the sectarian strife. After that, Al-Qaeda fought the resistance factions and weakened them. Everything became clear, and those people fight at any place on demand. In Syria, they were sent by Arab states with American support for two purposes: the first is containing the revolution and taking it away from its objectives and ambitions to achieve freedom and democracy. Second, providing pretexts to target Syria in the future under the pretext of the terrorism. Why were the Syrian people left to be slaughtered terribly? Why was the Free Syrian Army not armed quickly and sufficiently? Syria never needed men, but it only needs arms and provisions.

  • مازن الدعوس


    We ask God to grant victory to our brothers in the Free Syrian Army against Bashar, the Magus.

  • محمد العراقي


    We are the conquering lions O children of Mut’ah marriage, and you will face huge battalions that would grill your flesh using the booby-trapped cars. We will annihilate you and end the offspring of the Mut’ah marriage. The Sunnis are honorable, and nobles and chaste. We will uproar loudly to frighten even the eagles. The flags will go up to shake the entity of the tyrants. We will not submit as long we have a living child. The lions of Iraq would be a fire that burns the apostates.

  • ال عبد المقصود حماد حمد


    The right must be followed, and God supports it.

  • عماد العبو


    The regime will leave soon. May God grant victory to the Free Syrian Army.

  • مرح


    May God help the Syrians and fix their affairs.

  • مرح


    In fact, the opposition did not call for toppling the regime directly, but they opposed the bloodshed on orders of Bashar at the early stage of the revolution. The demonstrations started as peaceful protests and Bashar immediately started the bloodshed. Hence, it was natural for the youth to move and object to the murder. All people must understand that the youth protested against the bloody reaction of Bashar in Dar'a. This conflict developed later into a sectarian conflict. Hence, Bashar made the poison and he will drink it at the end.

  • موران


    May God grant victory to the right defended by Mr. President Bashar Al-Asad. We all see those mercenaries destroying the infrastructure in Syria. So, what free army and what front! You are conspiring against the Arab nation and you will be crushed, God willing, because you are evil.

  • سنية من سوريا


    Fear God! All Arabs allied against Syria, while the Syrian people and government helped all the Arabs. However, you rewarded it with betrayal. You deprived us of the security and divided us, while we were united despite of our different sects. I sincerely ask God to disgrace those who were responsible for this. May God grant victory to Bashar Al-Asad and the Syrian army over the enemies of the Arab Syrian people.

  • صالح السبعاوي


    O God! Grant victory to the mujahedin over Bashar and the devilish Hezbollah.

    • مقتدى طارق


      O God! Grant victory to the brigade of Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas over the Wahhabis and the Takfiris. O God! Invoke peace and blessings upon Muhammad and his household. O God! Accelerate their emergence and grant victory to their son Muqtada … Muqtada… Muqtada

  • مهدي الكناني


    O God! Grant victory to Syria over Al-Asad.

  • عمر نبهان


    The Muslims are insane because they do not love each other. May God protect Israel.

  • akram.alkrdy


    God is the Greatest.

  • فؤاد السندي


    May God grant him victory.

  • قبانيييييييون مصصصصصر


    Victory would be for Islam and the right. I would like to shed light on the plans of Zionism to destroy the Arab states after their unity during 1973 War. May God have mercy upon all those who contributed to the preparations for this war including Gamal, Faisal, Sadat, the charitable Zayed, Saddam, Muammar Gaddafi, and Saleh. They seek to destroy and divide the states as they did in Sudan, Yemen, Libya, and Syria. Egypt’s turn would be at the end, and all this would happen in collaboration with the man who betrayed his own father. Therefore, I think that there is no impediment if he betrayed Islam and his nation through financing deviant people with no solid argument in all possible ways to divide the Arab world under the pretext of Islamic awareness. This war started 1434 years ago. God promised us that victory would be ours and this would certainly be the case soon. Peace be upon you….

  • احمدزهراني


    Do you know what terrorism is and what is its source? It is created by the rich states and then exported to the poor ones. It is a long story!

  • حسن الكاظمي


    The imaam of the time would appear. Be patient please

  • مروان ابو عمر


    May God grant victory to the Nusra Front.

  • محمد البصراوي


    We will come O Syria, we will achieve victory over the cowardly front and army.

  • الصيداوي


    We only support the Free Syrian Army and I wish that the Nusra Front would be under the leadership of the Free Syrian Army not to keep away from the objectives of the revolution, which is the ousting of the regime.

  • ابو الدولار من عكار


    Nasrallah must never think about winning in Al-Qusair city.

  • ايمن‏ ‏المهتدي


    O God! Grant victory to the Muslim brothers and the people Sunnah and Jamaa‘ah in Syria, Iraq and everywhere.

  • ارقاوي


    All of them are thieves.

  • جواد البصري


    The optimal solution is the cooperation with the Arab Syrian army to expel the terrorists, especially those who belong to the notorious Nusra Front. May God grant victory to Syria.

  • ابوعزام


    May God grant victory to the truth.

  • محمد سلوم..نبطيه


    May God help Syria.

  • rabia safena


    Allah may give respite but he never forgets. victory is so close whether through the victory is or martyrdom.

  • بنات درعا


    Syria suffers and the world is silent. May God protect my people in Syria and grant them victory over the oppressors.

  • حازم أدهم .


    It seems as if Bashar appears to us from the clouds? What is your story with the clouds? I previously asked you about the wonderful image of palms and clouds. Maybe, you intend to do anything against us from behind the clouds? Anyway, you worked well and we did not. Those who use their minds and develop strong economy always make profits.

  • علي العراقي


    To show the side of the Nusra Front, even Amr ibn Al-Aas raised the banner of "none worthy of worship except God" and fought the Muslims in some battles.

  • عدنان الكربلائي


    O God! Grant victory to the truth and extinguish the fire of the turbulences in all the Arab and Muslim states. O God! Destroy Zionism and its Arab supporters like the rulers of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. O God! Grant victory to the truth in Syria, which is a wounded state.

  • محمد


    We seek God's help against them. God is the Just. God may give respite but he never forgets.

  • عزنا اسلامنا


    May God grant victory to the truth. There is no grandeur for us in anything other than Islam

  • الهادى


    Allah will suffice me and He is the best guardian

  • مهدي الشاعر


    May God grant victory to Syria under leadership of Al-Assad over the tails of the Zionism.

  • georgtte girgis


    I love this site as it write at what happen in middle east spcaly Egypt

  • حسين


    May God curse the enemies of Muhammad and his household until the Day of Judgment. Shame and disgrace be upon the enemies of Zaynab, may God be pleased with her. O God! Grant victory to Syria over the infidels and Salafists.

  • صلاح


    O God! grant victory to the Free Syrian Army and the Islamic State of Iraq.

  • محمد البدر الخضيرى


    I like this comprehensive website for its credibility.

  • حسام


    May God grant victory to the heroes of the Brigade of Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas. I wish that they would defeat all the oppressors and we wish you guidance. Do not forget supplicating for them. your brother Husam from Baghdad.

  • لاجئه فلسطينية


    I ask God to liberate all the occupied peoples. O God! grant victory to the people of Syria, as we experienced what they are experiencing.

  • kamal


    Bashar Al-Asad is the servant of Iran and Hezbollah.

  • الطاهر


    Is there anyone who accepts humiliation at the hands of Iran and the devilish Hezbollah? We have achieved much and only we have small part left. Glory be to Islam

  • أحمد ناصر القسيمي


    Dear brothers, may God help you. We wish you ultimate victory from God. The blood of the martyrs will not go in vain.

  • سوري ثائر


    If God granted you victory, then no one can defeat you.

  • مصطفى جمال


    May God grant victory to the people of Syria.

  • ياسين


    May God help the people of Syria.

  • حسين المنصوري


    The Free Syrian Army will never survive.

  • من أراد أن يجاهد فتلك فلسطين


    We are heroes when it comes to fighting each other, and we just ignore our real enemy. Stop fighting each other while Israel, the real enemy, lives in peace.

  • محمد عبود الشموسي


    May God grant victory to the hero Bashar Al-Asad.

  • ناشناس


    It is very interesting. Comments either pro or con, all are written in such a proper tone and style! It is as if a single person has written them all, once he writes something in favor of the opposition, and once against them. Do you think we don’t understand anything? How is it that suddenly so many Arabs with full command of Farsi are coming to this website? Brother, you should deceive yourself!

  • القومي


    Alas.. Alas…my home? I am an Iraqi and you know what Iraq means! Dear true and patriotic Syrians, I swear that I live with you all the time and I supplicate for you in every prayer to achieve victory over the tyrant Bashar. The pain fills my heart due to the horrific and painful scenes that I see every hour, but you gave me hope and your martyrs are the only people today who are worthy of glory and immortality (I speak about the martyrs of the Free Syrian Army). As for the Nusra Front, and according to the information I have about, I see that the majority of its elements are Syrian revolutionaries, and that the foreigners represent a minority among its ranks. When they announced the formation of this front, I was afraid because what you have achieved with your blood and the precious belongings will be lost at the hands of the minority. So beware, beware not to allow them to be leaders. Either the Free Syrian Army can be the commander of all resistance groups or not, and you can do without their services. The criminal Bashar used to provide them with the shelter, so how come he became their enemy today? Until today, the bitch Iran is still their base and their main financier. So, we cannot trust them at all. Dear brothers, I swear by that Iraq was destroyed and burnt and it is still being destroyed by the Iranians at the hands of those people. I am not educated or politically wise, but (I have experience). May God bless you and grant you victory over our enemies as he responds to all supplications (say Amen.)

  • كل الكلاب


    From the little Pharaoh to all presidents, we seek God's help against the sheep. You confused us may God confuse you.

  • وليد


    There is no Nusra Front in Homs. Come to Riqqah to see the reality, because Omar Al-Riqawi is a liar and biased.

  • رائد نادر


    Syria was a safe country, but the failed revolution led to its devastation and destruction due to the political myopia of the opposition and precipitation to take over power through legitimate or illegitimate means. I would like to remind our brothers, Arabs and the Gulf that the deadline of the Syrian revolution is over. In fact, the demolition acts and the mines of the Free Army and Al Norsa Front in Syria have not been carried out not even by Taliban in Afghanistan. It is really bad to destroy airports and to demolish the buildings and the bridges which cost us a lot of billions. I personally used to support the revolution when it was peaceful, but today I wish it had never erupted.

  • لبناني اسدي


    What is the Islam about which they speak while they beg for arms from Israel and the USA and hail the Zionist air strikes against Damascus?

  • احمد


    Whoever fails to use his mind rightly will certainly fall victim to those criminals and killers who hide under the name of Islam, while they are certainly tools in the hands of Israel and the USA, since they sent them to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets and the national regime in it at that time.

  • سا رة منلا


    Terrorism, those who carry out the suicide operations and the Nusra Front are not arrested, while the innocents are in prison. However, those who hold Jordanian passports are tortured, and oppression creates terrorism.

  • وائل المطر


    Someday, you will regret O people of Syria because Bashar is different from Al-Qaeda. tomorrow you will see how your women would be taken from you. God…Syria…Bashar only.

  • أبوألعلاس


    The Syrians, not the front or parties, will determine their fate.

  • محمدغيضان


    O God! grant victory to the Free Syrian Army.

  • محمد فندي


    You made us unsuccessful and you exposed us and we ask God to expose you as you exposed us. We seek God's help against the unjust. Damn the disbelieving front of the apostates. I swear that they know nothing about Islam.

  • الحاج


    May God curse all those who foment the sectarian strife in this country and in all the Arabs states.

  • براكات


    May God protect the shrine of sayyeda Zaynab from the army of the infidels. O God! Protect Abu l-Fadl Brigade and the Arab Syrian army.

  • احمد البرحي


    O God! grant victory to the Syrian people.

  • العميل السري العماني


    Oman is against the Syrian revolution and it supports the Syrian regime and the Arab Syrian army, whose members sacrifice their souls to defend the Syrian people and fight the Nusra Front and the so-called Free Syrian Army, which are terrorist organizations and mercenaries.

  • سوري حر


    The terrorist groups will never rule. If they really want the rule of Islam, as they claim, then here is Saudi Arabia. Let them go and liberate it from all Saud. Let them establish the rule of God there as they claim and after that, Bashar will leave without any need for the violence.

  • هلال ابو ربيع


    I am against Bashar and I am against the Free Syrian Army. They have displaced our women, raped our girls and orphaned our boys. We seek God's help against the oppressors. anyone with reason

  • محمد


    When anyone who raises the banner of Islam commits a mistake, we criticize him, but when others make a mistake, we justify this and say that all people commit mistakes. This is with all due respect to the writer of the article. I would like to say that all what came in this article is inaccurate not to say untrue, because I have friends in Syria and when I asked them about the behavior of the Nusra Front, they did not complain but they said things contradict what you say here, save a friend in Aleppo, who said that they sometimes may have no option but to treat people with some rudeness. I am with them because people want to make profits rather than achieving self-sufficiency under conditions that make this difficult. As for the issue of smoking, I see that this is logic and needs no analysis. Anyone who has friends inside Syria can ask them. As for the issue of the hijab, it is doubted as a friend from indie Syria said, because their women go out in the areas that are under the control of the Nusra Front without harassment.

  • من الموالي الى كتائب


    May God grant victory to the Syrian people.

  • كاميران


    If the people once decided to live, then fate shall respond. The night must end and the shackles must be broken. As for your Bashar, no matter how long you survive, you will perish.

  • كاميراند


    If the people decided that they have to live, then fate would respond to them. The night must end and the shackles must be broken. No matter how long you survive, Bashar, you will perish.

  • فافى


    Ladies, may God protect the president, who is the lion of all Arabs. We all ask God to protect you as you are the light of the world.

  • فافى


    May God protect Mr. president Bashar. Syria s only for Al-Asad.

  • فارس


    The members of the Nusra Front are not all under the leadership of emir Abu Muhammad Al-Golani, and when the regime falls most of the elements will join the national Syrian army. this is the right thing.

  • أبونصر


    May God protect our brothers in Syria and take revenge upon Bashar and his group.

  • محمد


    May God take revenge on Bashar and his supporters and grant victory to the Syrian people and the heroes.

  • اشرف البصري


    May God grant victory to the heroes of Abu Al-Fadl Brigade

  • amert alhop


    God is the Greatest. we seek God's help against Al-Asad. May God protect the Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army.

  • عدنان حسن


    The people of Syria brought this to themselves. After a while, the women will be married by your enemies as happened in the western areas in Iraq. We all know that this is a gang controlled by the USA and Israel.

  • يوسف


    Victory to the Muslims and humiliation to their enemies.

  • دقات الزمن


    No one knows what is happening in my free country and everyone speaks as he wishes claiming that he has the truth. However, I wish that the men of the Free Syrian Army would make all Syrians regret for supporting them.

  • دقات الزمن


    No one knows what is actually happening in my free country. All people speak as they wish, claiming that they represent the ultimate truth like the Syrian TV. However, I wish that all the freemen in the Free Syrian Army would not make the Syrians regret supporting them.

  • malak


    Syria will be victorious, God willing, at the hands of Bashar Al-Asad and all the honorable citizens in this country.

  • براء ناصر


    I wonder how you criticize those who raise the banner of “There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”? This is the banner of the Prophet, peace be upon him, not Al-Qaeda. Indeed, this is a nation whose ignorance made it a laughingstock.

  • ابوجعفر


    O God! grant victory to the Syrian people and I wish to see Bashar under the shoes.

  • الله اكبر


    We seek God's help against Bashar Al-Asad.

  • مواطن بس.بالإسم


    May God take revenge upon Bashar and his aids. may God grant victory to the Syrian people and its heroes.

  • خالد ضاهر


    You have distorted Syria in the name of freedom and I know that you do not know what freedom is. You steal and loot without realizing the meaning of freedom. You are traitors and killers. Woe to you when you suffer the divine penalty, O cowards. Fear God, O swindlers.

  • الجزائري


    Best regards to the Nusra Front.

    • میلاد


      The al-Nusrah front is the dumbest group in the world.

  • حسين الخفاجي


    This is the front of infidelity, and hypocrisy. Your days are numbered and Al-Asad’s army will March against you.

  • يوسف عبدالله


    We belong to God The Almighty and to him we shall return. these foolish acts on part of the Nusra Front delay the victory and make the supporters of Bashar happy.

  • محمد صادق


    May God help the Syrian people for enduring part of the terrorism that it allowed to enter Iraq.

  • هندالعنزي


    May God crush Bashar and grant victory to the Syrian people.

  • مواطن قرفان


    What is happening in Syria al-Assad was an imperial plan. What are you saying revolts or the Nusra Front? They will all vanish and Syria will remain under the leadership of Al-Asad. Everything else is nonsense.

  • لبنان


    I swear that the Arab citizen would stand haplessly after reading this article. I ask you by God to tell me whether you are convinced that this is a revolution? Those are bandits and they have no relationship with freedom or humanity.

  • Jabalawi


    propaganda. we want some real news

  • التال


    May God curse the oppressors.