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Fatwa banning marriage to terrorists 'has borne fruit'

Two young Iraqi women walk past a display of wedding dresses at a store in Baghdad. [Jewel Samad/AFP]

Two young Iraqi women walk past a display of wedding dresses at a store in Baghdad. [Jewel Samad/AFP]



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A 2011 fatwa prohibiting marriage to or association with terrorists in Anbar province has been widely successful, Iraqi officials and religious leaders say.

The fatwa, issued by the Anbar Scholars Council, followed a similar religious edict issued by the Council of Iraqi Scholars in 2010, which was read in mosques across Iraqi cities and called for "blocking financial and moral support to terrorists".

Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq said the Anbar fatwa was supported by religious and tribal groups in several Iraqi provinces and "has so far borne fruit".

Immediately following the issue of the fatwa, 17 gunmen surrendered in Anbar after being isolated due to the people's refusal to mix with them, he said.

Anbar Scholars Council general secretary Sheikh Khalid al-Dulaimi said the ruling was unanimously endorsed by the province's scholars.

"We saw parents declining to accept marrying their daughters to terrorists, and moreover the girls themselves shunned such a marriage as well," al-Dulaimi said.

"The Scholars Council recorded the annulment of about 50 common-law marriages in the past three months of girls who became involved with gunmen accused of committing terrorist crimes," he said.

"This by itself is an accomplishment and a rescue of the girls, as some men accused of terrorist crimes had tried to mislead them and their parents by proposing marriage on the premise that they were carrying out jihad in the cause of God," he said.

Rather, he said, the men seeking to marry "were terrorists involved in shedding the blood of dozens of innocent people," and would soon abandon their brides, ending up as fugitives from the law, prisoners or even dead.

The fatwa is based on an Islamic ruling that prohibits people from entering into marriage with murderers, thieves or liars, al-Dulaimi said, noting that "all these characteristics are found in the terrorists who are still carrying on bombings and killings".

But the fatwa's success was not limited to marriage, he said, noting that it "extended to any association with terrorists, such as socialising or trading with them, or offering them houses for rent, which they used as headquarters to kill people and plan strikes against the people's security".

"We did not come up with anything new, because this is found in the essence of our faith, which calls for peace, orders us not to treat the killer and his victim equally, and commands that we do not help those who kill," al-Dulaimi said.

Innocent victims

"The fatwa was born out of necessity, and we thank God that the citizens have abided by it," Sheikh Sameer al-Qaisi, imam at the Old Mosque of Heet, west of Ramadi, told Mawtani.

"Today, we are struggling with the problem of a full generation of children, estimated at hundreds, who are homeless, without citizenship papers, education or care," he said. "Their only fault is that their mothers accepted to marry, or the mothers' parents married them off, to some wanted gunmen in an illegal manner outside the courts."

"This by itself is considered a religiously forbidden, harmful, useless marriage," al-Qaisi said. "Here lies the reason why we forbade this type of marriage."

"Those who kill children in the streets are capable of killing their own wives inside their homes for the most trivial reason," he said. "Therefore, boycotting and shunning them is a duty, because with many of them, neither advice nor preaching would work, and the only solution is to get rid of them, or at least stay away from them and their evil."

Gunmen usually resort to common-law marriage because they do not acknowledge the authority of the Iraqi courts, said Judge Saadi al-Wakeel of the Personal Status Court in Anbar province.

They view these courts as illegitimate and see it as their duty to target court judges and clerks, he added.

Additionally, he told Mawtani, gunmen are wary of registering their names, which the authorities could then use to track them down and arrest them.

Statistics compiled by the Ministry of Human Rights and the parliamentary committee on human rights indicate that 521 children have been fathered by foreign terrorists who used false names in their common-law marriages, committee member Waleed Abboud told Mawtani.

These children, scattered around the country, are victims who have committed no wrong, he said.

"The government agreed to grant them the right to register for school and receive education and healthcare, but they have no citizenship," he said. "We are trying to resolve this legally or through a special legislation specific to them."



    الدكتور/صالح المضماري


    The terrorists are deviant from Islam.

  • تاأإ&”-§آآ§أآ


    What about temporary marriage

  • ابوهمدان


    Terrorism has no religion.

  • حسين من مصر


    Allaah The Almighty Said (what means): {Lo! Allah changeth not the condition of a folk until they (first) change that which is in their hearts} God has said the truth.

  • لبنى


    Allah The Almighty Said (what means): {Fain would they put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah disdaineth (aught) save that He shall perfect His light, however much the disbelievers are averse. }

  • زهرة اللوتس


    Cool! This is the religion of Islam. We have to spread the religious awareness and we must denounce terrorism and the terrorists. We must not deal with them and we have to prohibit dealing with them in any way.

  • ماجد


    May God reward you the best. This fatwa has saved many of our Muslim girls and the problems that happen when they get children.

  • صالح المظماري


    Islam is the religion of tolerance and moderation as well as condemnation of extremism and terrorism.

  • kama


    We thank God for the blessing of Islam.

  • أبو حسين


    May God protect all the peoples from terrorism. Amen.

  • سلمان الجوابره


    Unite the ranks of the Muslims and do not allow the infidels to interfere between you.

  • خالد النجار كفرالدوار


    All people must think carefully before agreeing to marry his daughter to any man.

  • محمودي


    May God reward you the best.

  • صادق أمين


    I wish that the Islamic Juristic Gatherings would adopt it.

  • هههههه


    O my God I wish I could grasp these things.

  • وفاأ


    There is no power except with God the Almighty.

  • عماد الدين محمد


    We want to send a letter to Mr. Walid Abboud, the member of Human Rights Committee in the Iraqi parliament. Is this possible?

  • كردو منيجر


    Thanks to those who contributed to this fatwa.

  • عبدالله من اليمن


    This is a dubious idea, not a fatwa.

  • علي


    Those who issued this fatwa have betrayed us and sold their religion. What are the causes of these useless issues and filthy fatwas? Do you take the fatwas from the ignorant people? I swear that they do not know the meaning of "There is none worthy of worship except Allah". They just follow their interests. These courts do not follow Sharia and God forbade returning to them for judgment.

  • حسين الجرواني


    This is the reality of Islam, which protects the rights of the woman and society in general.

  • وسام غنوم


    There is no power except with God the Almighty. We ask God to save us and our dignity will never be profaned.

  • ابوانمار احمد


    We have the honor.

  • salimANDsamr


    Marrying them will not change the person who married them. Fight their marriage to outside their areas. This is my opinion.

  • حسين المصري


    O God! we thank you for the blessing of Islam.

  • ali


    This is what Islam is all about and these are the true men of Anbar, zealous and loving. God bless you

  • علي الناصري


    I ask God to help the Iraqi people because they have suffered a lot and sacrificed many of their fellows due to terrorism.

  • mgs


    The terrorist have no time to marry, and he never thinks of marriage. Those who need fatwas are those who kill women, children, and everything under the pretext of elimination of terrorism and the armed groups. Wake up dear issuers of fatwas.

  • 25BA9773


    I ask for God’s forgiveness.

  • محمد مصطفى


    I am Muslim.

  • خالد العبيدي بغداد


    Dear brothers, there is no difference between Sunnis and Shia. We belong to this country and we will never sell it.

  • حيان


    This fatwa is good, it is a form of the national guidance, and it is part of the efforts that raise the public awareness.

  • الدليميه


    Why they allow the terrorists to marry to their daughters?

  • سارة من مصر


    Indeed, you are right and we ask God to reward you the best.

  • hamoda.


    May God support the Free Syrian Army, who are the grandchildren of Khalid ibn Al-Walid. We are steadfast until the victory.

  • على الكومى


    This measure has come too late and the terrorists must have never married Iraqi women at all.

  • عبير


    All praise be to Allah

  • احمد المواشي


    We thank God because the jealous Iraqis in Anbar paid attention to the threat posed by those criminals to our girls. The danger of having babies from deviant criminals is real because the child will be born to a mean father who has no known origins or tribes.

  • فتحى عثمان من مصر


    The general security must declare in all the Arab states the names of the criminals and the terrorists in full pages to make all the citizens know them before it is too late.

  • ابراهيم العبادي


    Peace be upon you dear brothers wherever you are. What we read today through this honorable website teaches us a very important and new lesson of the honor and magnanimity that we are all required to adopt and defend. We must defend our Iraqi sisters without any exceptions. I am an Iraqi and I was terribly affected by these bad news stories concerning our Iraqi sisters everywhere. Where are those who demand the rights of the female prisoners who were raped in the prisons? Do they not remember that those women are victim of their acts? What is the cause that made them organize the demonstrations for achieving trivial demands that suit their whims? Who is responsible for this? Is it the government's fault or ours? We are all responsible for this dear brothers and you must wake up. Do not create havoc on earth. Thanks.

  • محمد البغدادي


    Many thanks to all those who contributed to this fatwa.

  • بوحميدي


    We thank God for everything.

  • ابورامي


    May God help the lovers and the Yemeni people.

  • مسلم


    We all love the Prophet, peace be upon him. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah.

  • عبدالله


    Congratulations on the occasion of the Birth of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

  • عقيل العزاوي الكوت


    O God unite the Iraqi Sunnis and Shia. O God! Make their stances united against the terrorists.

  • أية أسامة


    We seek God's help against them.

  • حسين الاعرجي


    Hussein Al-Araji… I liked this opinion on part of the Sunni scholars.

  • فائز ‏


    This is a good instruction and the must important thing is to be activated and stressed by the Sunni jurists to save the Muslim peoples from terrorism. However, we need to know how to identify whether this man is a terrorist or not?

  • هاااي


    Thanks to God

  • hعراقي موحد


    I congratulate the Iraqis and all Muslims worldwide on the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

  • ayad


    May God bless you for these illuminating articles.

  • صالح ال الطرفي الجوفي


    Peace be upon you…. dear brothers we want to launch a campaign under the slogan of Yemen without much peace with the citizens.

  • بنت الرمثا براءه


    All people belong to the nation of Muhammad, peace be upon him.

  • ابن بغداد


    In the name of God the Most Merciful the ever Merciful. We cannot oppress the already oppressed people.

  • ناظم


    I think that this is the best solution to the problem of the spread of terrorism and the girls and their families must comply with this fatwa, which was needed urgently. There should be a solution to the problem of the children with no citizenship, who came are a result of undocumented marriage.

  • الشريف ابوطارق


    Peace be upon you…. The people are vigilant and they love the Prophet, peace be upon him, and his household. Best regards to all the children of Yemen, especially Maarib Province.

  • Marwa Mtr


    We thank God for everything. O God! make those terrorists leave us soon.

  • البصراوي


    First, I thank all those who contributed to this fatwa. Second, we must realize that some of them are from Chechnya, KSA, Iran and other places whose nationalities are unknown. We also do not know whether they came to support Iraq or not? We do not know who sent them? Did their countries send them to get rid of them and destroy Iraq? damn them and I ask God to help them handle all these disasters. In all cases, their mothers were deceived under the name of religion and the government must take care of them.

  • عراقي فقير


    I swear the terrorists are dangerous but I hope that they would manage themselves and change their minds because Takfir is deep-rooted in their hearts and minds. When they disagree with anyone, they accuse him with disbelief.

  • نايف القحطاني


    This is irrelevant sweetheart!

  • احمد عبدارحمن


    In the name of God the Most Merciful the ever Merciful. Peace be upon you…. Under the slogan “terrorism has no religion”, we would like to draw attention to the fact that some terrorists exploit the poor and uneducated citizens and marry their daughters as “Misyar Marriage” under the pretext that the Iraqi courts are incompatible with sharia. they control their feelings through malicious methods and order them to commit terrorist acts. The terrorists may also have relationship with the families and try to convince them to join terrorism. Hence, the Muslim scholars and tribal leaders must interfere quickly to prevent these acts.

  • ابوطلحه


    According to the Council of the Scholars, they consider that the Jews, Buddhists, and Muslims are equal; however, they consider that the killer (whom they consider to be a Mujaahid) is different. Islam rejects this!