Joumana Kobeissi: 2013 is the year of Gemini and Libra

As the New Year approaches, people around the world are wondering what 2013 has in store. [Eva Hambach/AFP]

As the New Year approaches, people around the world are wondering what 2013 has in store. [Eva Hambach/AFP]



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What are the astrological predictions for 2013? People from all over the world are asking this question as they wonder what the New Year will bring for them in terms of health, work and love. Al-Shorfa asked Lebanese astrologer Joumana Kobeissi to give us a glimpse of the year ahead for each astrological sign.

Kobeissi began by saying that in 2013 Gemini and Libra will come first with regard to luck and realising their dreams, followed by Pisces and Scorpio. Of the coming year's broad themes, she said, "It is a year of challenges, conflicts and confrontations on all political, economic or social levels".

Kobeissi made the following predictions for each of the horoscope signs.

Aries: This sign will experience a year of challenges. 2013 is a year of change and challenges in the face of failure, which will visit Aries in all fields, only to be overcome. There is fear from enemies and ill-wishers who are encircling them. During the first three months of the year, Aries will suffer on all levels, especially at work. The blossoms of love will open during April and May, along with travels in summer and a financial breakthrough in autumn.

Taurus: This horoscope's headline is "battles with love" as this sign will witness emotional improvements and breakthroughs. Some will turn the page on a failed relationship after trying to terminate it at the end of 2012 and start a new love story. At work, they will face challenges and achieve financial gain that would enable them to buy a new house. Taurus will have projects to be implemented inside their country and abroad.

Gemini: This is one of the most important horoscopes of this year since 2013 will be a year of victories for Gemini, especially since according to their astrological sign and mathematical equation, they carry the number 3. As for love, some will find love while others will get married. Gemini will face significant decisions and positive, drastic changes in love, at work and in their social lives. Gemini will come into an old inheritance and win legal battles which they have been waiting on for years. 2013 is a year of travel.

Cancer: Under the title, "eclipse", this sign will experience many hardships as a result of solar and lunar eclipses in their horoscope. From the beginning of the year until mid-2013, they will go through difficulty and emotional problems that will impact their work. Cancer will witness the most important event of their lives this year, which is the return of someone special from abroad after a long absence, positively impacting the course of their lives.

Leo: They will remain "King of the Jungle". In matters of the heart, those born under this sign are expected to meet someone new if they are divorced and singles will get engaged and have new homes despite the solar eclipse in their horoscope. Financially, Leos will remain independent and achieve their goals. They will hold an important official or legal position and they also will travel a lot. Regarding health issues, there is no need to worry since they take good care of themselves in spite of their mood swings. They will get plastic surgery.

Virgo: Those born under this sign are on a date with independence during 2013. In terms of their finances, they will make a return on investments that started in 2012. They will make their dream come true by buying a house and becoming independent with their own family after facing difficult conditions throughout last year. In general, 2013 will bring with it breakthroughs for this sign, but they have to be careful not to get robbed.

Libra: Those born under this sign will have "continuous success" as they are among the luckiest signs this year. They will travel a lot and go on vacation. Libra will start lots of business projects and will hold high positions. Some will hold government positions. Libra will witness large breakthroughs from mid-2013 until the end of the year and will reap what they have sown at the start of 2014 as they will be lucky during that year as well. Those who move house will be lucky in love and get married.

Scorpio: For those born under this sign, 2013 is a year of "victories and commitment". In love, Scorpio will be lost between two people. Some will go on to another relationship after a first failed one. As for work, they will see significant breakthroughs moving between their own country and abroad and take decisive decisions. They will make headway in management, business and finance.

Sagittarius: Those born under this sign will be famous and obtain titles. During this year, they will make unlimited amounts of money, which will make them the subject of envy and gossip. They will be physically tired because of their extensive traveling. As for love, their lives will improve due to a personal decision.

Capricorn: The theme for this sign is "happiness". Those born under this sign will decide to abandon their good heartedness in order to achieve their own objectives. They will toil for what they want and reach an advanced position at work during the middle of the year. They will make modest financial gains. Capricorn, who draws their strength from the sun, will find new love and can expect happiness to enter their home after five years of suffering.

Aquarius: 2013 is a year of "travels and choices". Those born under this sign will have more back-and-forth trips during the first three months of the year and also will see lots of business projects, moves, conferences and meetings. It is a year of traveling. As for love, Aquarius will face a choice among three people. For money matters, they will come into a family inheritance and receive money from previous work.

Pisces: The main headline for this year is "return of the past". Those born under this sign will go back to an old flame whether it is a lover or an ex-spouse. They also will welcome a new born baby. As for work, they will travel and make a lot of money between April and May. Their work will centre on buying and selling real estate and they will win contentious legal and financial battles.



    مصطفي جمال


    Wow! I am a Gemini and my wife is a Libra. We married at the beginning of the year on January 2. We are awaiting a girl, who will be a Libra too.

  • salma


    Libra is always fascinated by the Gemini

  • salma


    Gemini and Libra are attracted to each other. This is a fact.

  • Lina


    gemini and libra. so true so far :) May be the horoscope is right about that the year 2013 is for gemins and libras........

  • hoda


    I like to hear the prophecies of the zodiac signs, especially regarding the marriage and health.

  • samuel moodley


    tell me about my wealth wise for 2013 will i be rich or poorer