Yemen's National Information Centre launches digital library

Several patrons use the new digital library in Sanaa. [Faisal Darem/Al-Shorfa]

Several patrons use the new digital library in Sanaa. [Faisal Darem/Al-Shorfa]



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Yossra Mohammed Abdul Qadir, who is in her final year at the University of Science and Technology's College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Sanaa, has in recent months taken up a new resource as she works on her graduation project: The National Information Centre's new digital library.

Abdul Qadir told Al-Shorfa that the digital library provides rich and useful information for new researchers. In fact, she visited the digital library 10 times in two months only to peruse various abstracts and studies.

Launched in October, the digital library was created to provide access to information to researchers as well as to advance the process of scientific research.

Acting director Abdul Kareem Ali al-Rwaishan told Al-Shorfa that the centre seeks to provide information services for researchers, students and policy-makers.

Users can access approximately 10,000 master's theses and doctoral dissertations in different fields of scientific study, in addition to many thousands of digital books and databases that offer research services through local and international archives.

"Through the digital library, the centre aims to assist researchers in other Yemeni provinces without having to travel to Sanaa, as was the case in the past," he added.

Al-Rwaishan stressed the importance of supporting scientific research and praised the centre's efforts to work with other knowledge centres and universities in Arab and Western countries, as well as with global digital libraries, such as the United States' Library of Congress.

Preserving intellectual property

The centre is developing the library by creating a giant digital reading room, he said, adding that the centre is also building several national databases to preserve Yemeni intellectual property, facilitate easy access and guarantee its regular output.

"The digital library seeks to preserve and organise national intellectual production, as well as to develop and build digital content and improve the quality of performance," said Essam al-Ammari, the centre's deputy director general of information services.

Forty specialists are working in teams to organise, categorise and retrieve digital content that has been accumulating over the past years, al-Ammari said.

In addition to allowing access to master's theses and PhD dissertations, the library's policy allows parts of these research documents to be copied while taking into account intellectual property rights, he said.

Library director Alya al-Shami described the facility's transformation, from its inception as a print library in 2001 to the launch of the digital library two months ago.

"The centre seeks to allow access to information through the library's services," she told Al-Shorfa, adding that the centre intends to further develop the library and provide all the electronic equipment needed to offer the best possible services, including multi-lingual capabilities.

Al-Shami told Al-Shorfa the library will soon connect with special databases and university networks, such as the al-Hodeida University network.



    رجب عبدالسلام سالم


    How can I get access to the letters and scientific research (both Master’s and PhD) at your center

  • Eyaad Assamiee


    Thank you for such national useful academic source of information.

  • اوسام محمد جحاف


    We thank sister Yusra Abdel Qader for her remarks on the e-library establishment which Mr. Abdel Kareem had strived for. He is credited with establishing the e-library because without him, the e-library wouldn’t have developed and served the users.

  • خلود مكرم


    I'm looking for dissertations about human rights in general, and human rights in Islam in particular.

  • محمد فضل حسين


    How I can read the academic researches, dissertations and theses in your center?

    • خلود جبران مكرم


      Do you have Master theses and references regarding Human Rights in Islam?

    • خلود مكرم


      I'm looking for books, MA and PhD dissertations as well as journals on human rights in Islam.

  • nabil algree


    This will facilitate the access to information for the researchers. I consider this as a specific step taken by the center to document the researches.