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Yemeni political and religious leaders condemn attack on US embassy

Demonstrators climb the gate of the US embassy in Sanaa on Thursday (September 13th). [Mohamed Al-Sayaghi /Reuters]

Demonstrators climb the gate of the US embassy in Sanaa on Thursday (September 13th). [Mohamed Al-Sayaghi /Reuters]



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Thousands of Yemenis on Friday (September 14th) continued to protest a movie deemed offensive to the Prophet Mohammed.

While some protests were peaceful, others flared into violence as protesters headed for the US embassy. Yemeni security forces fired warning shots, tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters, a day after similar confrontations left four dead.

On Thursday, the situation escalated and the US embassy was broken into, prompting security forces and anti-riot police to intervene and disperse demonstrators by firing live bullets and tear gas, which led to four deaths and dozens wounded.

On Friday, protesters assembled about 500 metres from the embassy compound and burned the American flag, as they called for the expulsion of the US ambassador to Yemen, an AFP correspondent reported.

Security forces blocked all roads leading to the embassy and dispersed the protesters, but tensions remained high on the streets.

President Hadi condemns the 'wanton attack'

The storming of the embassy drew broad condemnation from Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, the national reconciliation government, and various political parties and religious figures.

In a statement carried by official news agency Saba, the Yemeni president said he "deeply regrets the wanton attack on the US embassy in Sanaa", adding that he formed a committee to investigate the incident.

President Hadi conveyed his "personal apology to President Barack Obama and to the people of the United States for what happened".

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has condemned the film as "disgusting and reprehensible" and said "the United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video."

Imam Amiredeen, who led prayers at the peaceful demonstrations on Friday, said that an attack on the US embassy was "an attack on Islam".

Meanwhile, the [national] reconciliation government expressed regret and strongly rejected the attack.

A government statement said the attack is "unfortunate and rejected by all the Yemeni people, taking into consideration that the producer of this disgraceful and immoral film has no relation to the government or the official position of the American government".

Houriya Mashhour, human rights minister in the reconciliation government, told Al-Shorfa she strongly condemns the acts of violence and the storming of the US embassy.

"Angry [citizens] have the right to express their views peacefully, and we strongly condemn the movie, which insults our Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him," she said, adding that the movie is a great crime against a major religious symbol for Muslims.

"This incident is offensive to Yemen and [injurious to] its relationship with its strategic allies, led by the United States," Mashhour added, noting that some parties infiltrated the angry protesters and exploited their anger at the movie to carry out their own plans.

Justice through 'legal channels and diplomatic means'

Political parties and organisations in turn condemned the violence and embassy storming. The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) issued a statement condemning the incident and called for the issuance of international legislation that criminalises prejudice against religions.

JMP leader Sultan al-Atwani told Al-Shorfa, "The incidents that took place in front of the US embassy in Sanaa are unfortunate," he said, adding, "Angry citizens have the right to express their views by peaceful means and methods."

Al-Atwani demanded an immediate investigation into the incident, and that those involved be named and the results of the investigation be announced to the public.

Sheikh Hassan al-Sheikh, under-secretary of the Ministry of Endowments and a member of the Yemeni Scholars Association, told Al-Shorfa, "Muslims have the right to be angry [about the insult to] their prophet, but [must express that anger] through peaceful means."

"Attacks against the embassy, its staff or tourists target guiltless people. Justice must be done through legal channels and diplomatic means," he added.

"The citizens, embassy or interests of the country of the person who insulted our Prophet must not be attacked, that would be wrong," al-Sheikh said.

"The punishment must be applied to the offender, not innocent people. Attacking the citizens of countries with which our country has agreements and treaties is wrong," he said, adding that the Prophet treated his adversaries well.

"Stirring up passions and zeal leads to prohibited actions, which is what actually happened and resulted in a number of casualties," he said.

Caricaturist Essam al-Harazi told Al-Shorfa, "We have the right to express our dissatisfaction; but the situation escalated into acts of violence and resulted in casualties among the citizens."

He said protests must remain peaceful and punishment must not be dealt to all for the wrongdoing of one person or group.

The Yemeni Committee for Military Affairs and Achieving Security and Stability issued a statement denouncing the attack on the US embassy and categorising any attack against government institutions, embassies, consulates, and the public and private sectors as condemnable terrorist acts of sabotage.

The statement said protection details, officers and all security personnel have explicit instructions to deal firmly with any form of violence, destruction, or vandalism.



    محمد قاسم عامر


    Our religion ordered us to spread peace, love, and friendship to everyone around us, even our generous Prophet told us to befriend and love each other which involves accepting the other even if they differ from us in religion or opinion. The Prophet, even when he traveled from Makkah to El-Madina gave the Jewish there all their rights to practice their religion, celebrate their holidays, and treat them in exchange for one thing, which is not coming in the way of the Muslims or making an alliance with their enemies, and despite the fact that they betrayed him, he didn’t treat them badly like they did. He wasn’t violent to anyone because violence only begets violence and as he was all Muslims’ role model, he would hold his anger because anger comes from the devil and if violence spreads among the people, wars would break out all over the world and the earth would be doomed along with everything and everyone on it. Allah refuses this for his followers, so he sent his messenger to teach us about love, accepting each other, and not to harm anyone no matter the cause. From how much emphasis was put on these teaching, the Prophet advocated us to the seventh neighbor and ordered us to ask about the ill, he talked a lot about the rewards from visiting the ill and other simple actions indicating the high morals of this religion. Anyone who didn’t follow this religion has lost a lot and if they read more about it they would be convinced of it as it explained so much around us and still the modern science is discovering each day another ayah of its ayahs and is considered a miracle, because Qur’an is the book for all ages. Allah brought Mohammed to be merciful to non-Muslims and guided them to the right path after their monks and rabbis twisted the different religion, so Allah sent Mohammed to be the corner stone and the world’s last chance to get out of the ignorance’s darkness to the light. What a truly tolerant religion.

  • سعود ابو يعقوب


    You had high morals, my Prophet, Allah’s messenger, and we must remind ourselves to have the same attributes, for you were taught by God who taught you well, the nation’s guiding light towards the true path and your teachings are the constitution of our lives.

  • فائق توفيق


    Allah has made Mohammed in order to be the guiding light for this world with his high morals with his companions and those against him whether in opinion or religion. In one example, we see some Jews going to the Prophet asking for his pity, so the generous Prophet asks Allah to give them mercy and didn’t deprive them of his prayers for their guidance and righteousness. Even weirder was that he accepted gifts from those against him such as Zainab Bint Hareth who was Jewish and gave him a goat after she put poison in it. Allah cut her hand and placed her in hell and that’s the worst destiny. He was always meeting the force of the Jews by talking with leniency because he was completely sure that forcefulness in talking will not work with them. If only they knew, whether Jewish or Christians, and what is said about them in Allah’s holy book and that Allah orders us to believe in all messengers as we believe in Mohammed (PBUH). The Prophet gave them their safety in El-Madinah and gave them freedom to worship as they wished under only one condition, which is not going around the Muslims and trying to cause disorder among them or helping the enemies infiltrate them at times of war. Other than that they are free to do as they wish and this is the main principle of citizenship. Islam came to rise with people’s low thinking, for example, burying their daughters alive after birth until Islam came and forbade this most ignorant and horrible habit. Don’t they know they are killing half the society this way, and why all this hatred when Allah honored and glorified the woman? All that was also mercy to the society as Islam also glorified man and honored him so much that it rejected slavery and forbade it completely for it humiliates man’s dignity which Allah spoke highly of and glorified.

  • سليمان


    God, who must be glorified, was the first to say that the Prophet (PBUH) was merciful, that this mercy and the softness of his heart were the reasons people weren’t divided around him and that his leniency with Muslims and non-Muslims was the reason people gathered around him. His mercy and compassion were indescribable. The Prophet left many actions that if he had not we would have committed to it and it would have been a little hard on us. When prayers were ordered they were originally fifty, so he kept asking God to make it easier until it became only five. He was also merciful and kind to his wives, so as Muslim men we do as he did, taking him as a role model. He was also merciful to animals; one of the companions relates that he was going to one of the Ansars’ house that owned a camel and when the camel saw him it cried and tears came out, so the Prophet with the big heart approached, patted it and then asked for the owner of this camel and when his companion came, he told him to fear Allah in this camel because the camel complained to the Prophet that this man doesn’t feed him, and we Muslims were ordered to be merciful to the poor and the helpless. He also encouraged our parents to be merciful to us so that his mercy would pass beyond his time. He (PBUH) was always encouraging us to be merciful for centuries before human rights and animals rights organizations that we now see appeared. One of the most important situations which show his mercy to his enemies was what happened during the invasion of Badr when Omar Ibn al-Khattab advised him to kill the prisoners while Abu Bakr advised him to take a ransom for them and he agreed with Abu Bakr’s advice.

  • جبر ايوب


    The protestors have to understand that unless they engage in civilized and reasonable ways of protesting, they won’t find anyone responding to them and meeting their demands they are hoping to achieve by protesting. The right to protest is a given right of any civilian in any country; for it is one of the freedom of speech’s ways, but the peaceful protest that doesn’t harm anyone gives the protestors the right to ask for protection and to be the voice for those who can’t get their voices to those who matter is for the better, but protesting and burning, destroying and damaging the country cannot be called freedom of speech but is something that holds us back.

  • رفعت عبد القادر


    When the recent incidents happened, when our generous Prophet was abused by unwise people and when some called for defending the generous Prophet (peace be upon him), a few wise people who are truly jealous for their religion were out defending their Prophet through non-violent acts, but it was truly effective for it followed the Prophet’s virtue which is mostly high morals. Some Muslims from western countries held lectures talking about the high morals of our Prophet and of Islam, telling stories where such high morals appear, so that the world would know who Allah’s Prophet Mohammed is, he whom many abuse.

  • عادل مصطفى حسين


    Mercy is a great virtue, derived from two of God’s great names; Allah put it in all humans’ hearts but gave most of it to only one of God’s creations. Allah said that he is the mercy given by God to people; he is our Prophet and Messenger Mohammad who was the most merciful human being to people and to all of Allah’s creations. He (may Allah’s peace be upon him) was merciful to animals before man, to the disbeliever before the Muslim and to objects before things with souls. That was shown in many situations told by his Companions (God bless them) and reached us to become the base we go back to anytime, and to be merciful among us humans and with any of Allah’s creations. When Allah sent His Prophet Mohammed, He sent him to be all creation’s mercy, be merciful to them, and for us to follow his example in order for mercy to spread among Muslims and to characterize them among other nations.

  • احمد عطا الله


    Since ancient times and through many eras, Islam has been seen as a forgiving religion by other religions’ believers. Despite what is being spread from different directions and countries which want nothing more than to smear Islam in the eyes of the world so people wouldn’t enter it, but, Glorified be Allah, it is possible that this smearing is the reason for many people accepting Islam. The high morals that many Muslims have when dealing with non-Muslims was the reason that they joined Islam, and is a good representation of our Islamic religion which ordered us to forgive all those that harm us and not to retaliate with the same harm or damage they caused us. Many wonder why we are like this. We deal with these morals because we graduated from the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) school who was and still is our main reference in all our behaviors and dealings with any one of Allah’s creations. Our beloved (peace be upon him) was an example of forgiveness and high morals, many unbelievers, heathens, Jewish, and hypocrites did him wrong in life but he didn’t retaliate or even punish anyone who harmed his generous person. Many attacked and insulted him, called him a liar and accused him of witchcraft, but he didn’t reply. His morals replied for him and made them not do it again themselves. It reached the point where sometimes someone would attack his honored body or throw harm at him, and then Allah would provide him with someone of their own to answer for him. These are our great Prophet’s morals which are like this to preach every Muslim and follower of our Prophet, so we can be an honorable example to the religion we follow.

  • ضياء محمد منيب


    He is truly as Lady Aisha (God bless them and with complacency) described him and said that he was a walking light on earth. He has beautiful manners, that you have my beloved prophet of Allah. And thou standest on an exalted standard of character. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was the source of the good manners and everyone was taught morality by him. He was chosen by Allah Almighty (the praises of the great creation). The prophet (upon him blessings and peace) always met the bad with good, and was never abusive to anyone with word or action. Even when he was victorious in his battles he did not force the non-Muslims to accept Islam. However, they must be satisfied to enter Islam and he was giving them full freedom to choose their religion. Whoever did not enter Islam was not affecting their beliefs. They had full freedom to practice their beliefs and they did not destroy their churches or killed any sheikh, child, man, or woman. He really was and still is the Holy Prophet (upon him blessings and peace). He is a good and ideal person in dealing with all human beings at the time of the message until now.

  • خالد محمد أحمد


    Anyone who wants to know tolerance in Islam must come and see the mosques and churches adjacent to each other in the Islamic countries. Who wants to know about the tolerance of Islam? Hear the word of God through the Koran when it came down upon the Messenger Muhammad: “To you be your way and to me mine.” It did not call for killing of those not on the religion of Islam and this is tolerance. Anyone who wants to know the ethics of the Messenger of Allah, look when Abdullah Ibn Aubai said to him, “Sit in your house, O Muhammad and if anyone came to you and wanted to believe in you, recite upon him what you like and do not talk in front of people.” The Muslims wanted to react but the Prophet commanded them to treat him well as long as he is among us.

  • رياض سعيد مصطفى


    Islam is a tolerant religion which is not spread through the sword, and no one is forced to it. Also, the prophet of Allah was the symbol of that tolerance when his enemies treated him badly. He did not reply to offenses with anything but good treatment.

  • يوسف فريد


    The Messenger of Allah came with an ethic and philosophy of urbanization and philosophy of action and reaction. The Messenger of Allah is an honest guide, who came to save the people from the darkness of ignorance and backwardness to light, urbanization and knowledge, and he brought all of this. We Muslims must clarify who Muhammad was, who came with the message of Islam, through satellite channels, audio-visual media and the Internet. We should make it clear what Muhammad's message was, who was the illiterate Prophet, the lonely one with no father or mother since his childhood to fight throughout his life for the monotheistic message. It reinforces the meaning of the doctrine that is more important for humans than food and water, the doctrine that laid out many principles as well as how to support the Messenger of Allah to the Companions and first Muslims to be like him in his honorable ethics. Mohammed is a school of tolerance and noble morality.

  • طالب ذيب


    Many Muslims did not learn anything about Islam. This religion’s greatest thing is the holy Quran, that book that started with “read”. Reading is the base of science, freedom and culture. We became more barbaric in the Islamic States because of our ignorance of religion and the absence of correct Islamic reference. Therefore, we lost the Islamic identity and lost the teachings and principles of the Islamic religion. The criminal cells that emerged have transformed the peaceful and civilized scene into the scene of blood, which is not beyond the scope of arranged criminality. Libya had many terrorist acts, which involved many Libyans, such as the hijacked plane in Lockerbie. Among all these acts, we find many assaults during the film offending the Prophet, which involved terrorist demonstrations and killing the American ambassador whose only guilt was being an American. What is the guilt of that ambassador? What did he do to those Libyans? What did he do? He did nothing except carry the American nationality, which is religiously a wrong deed and contradicts with the Islam rules and Muslims. In addition, all scientists and intellectuals are dissatisfied with this criminal act of terrorism.

  • سليم أحمد أبو بكر


    The morals of the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) are the morals that he showed through the ideal way of dealing and cooperation. Many people believed in the message of Muhammad (peace be upon him) because of his good morals and his nice cooperation that led humanity to knowledge, mercy and love. In the following story, we show what we have said about the Prophet’s high morals. One day, he (peace be upon him) was roaming around the honorable Kaaba, when a man came and started beating him and throwing stones at him. He (peace be upon him) fainted and the Companions ran towards him, held him and took him home. They also arrested the man that attacked him. When Muhammad (peace be upon him) woke up from his fainting, they told him, “Order us prophet of Allah, what should we do with this man?” He asked them, “Did you bring him food and drink?” They were astonished by his reaction and asked him, “This is so strange prophet, he beat you till you fell on the ground and fainted! Should we not kill him?” He told them (peace be upon him), “Leave him in peace.” These were the morals of Muhammad (peace be upon him). He did not ask for revenge. He did not force the man to be a Muslim. He just forgave and left the man in peace. The result of this was that the man became a Muslim after he saw this generous treatment. These are the morals which the Prophet came to teach Muslims first, and the followers of other religions; love, cooperation and tolerance. This is how Islam was spread in the entire world with this peaceful and elegant way of high morals. According to what the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “I was sent by Allah to complement the best of morality.” Morals built civilizations as they were mainly based on respect, freedom of speech, and opinion. This was the main reason the western countries were developed and became up to the mark, whereas we the Arabs led ourselves to be terrorists through our bad attitudes.

  • حسام محمد جبار


    All of us in the Islamic nation hallow the generous prophet (peace be upon him) and love him more than we love our souls and ourselves even. We love him more than our fathers and mothers. Nowadays, we are in a world where there are many freedoms and many things where the constructive actions got mixed with those that are destructive. Destructive actions result in disorder and pain to the spirit of the nation. Thus, we have to watch out for the actions that can offend any culture, as well as any civilization. Therefore, it would be much worse when it is related to the religion of Allah. The director of the offensive movie used freedom of speech without knowledge. He used freedom of acting without going back to the Islamic references. He presented a media material without civilized censorship and a huge production that could get him a large amount of money. However, it was all without awareness of what exactly Islam is. We want the world to read about Islam before producing any material to the media in order to create a message that has an obvious aim. Nobody should produce any material, whether it is audio or video, without reading and gaining the necessary knowledge about the culture of those peoples. We cannot attack someone without knowing who he is, what he did, or when we should criticize him. This will never happen until we have the culture of respecting each other’s opinions. Moreover, the offensive actions have to be faced with proper thinking and awareness that could be suitable to all sects. In addition, we have to learn how to condemn and deplore the offensive actions to the generous Prophet (peace be upon him).

  • صباح عبد القادر


    The prophet of Allah (peace be upon him), the graceful and merciful messenger that Allah granted to all the nations and peoples, is the messenger who conquered the world with Islam to be one of the greatest messages, and also one of the greatest civilizations that took place among nations. The Prophet led the Muslim nation and spread patience, faith, mercy, cooperation, and high morals. The Islamic civilization was built depending on forgiveness in speech and tolerance for the offenses. We have Prophet Muhammad as a good example to follow. Freedom was the main reason why Prophet Muhammad had enough patience to deal with the unbelievers. His patience (peace be upon him) turned into tolerance and forgiveness in all actions and deeds. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was sent to teach the whole world the culture of freedom and the culture of democracy as well. In addition, he made deeds in public and called to pardon when possible and for mercy between the strong and the weak.

  • محمد علي


    Cultural activities are part of the things that develop nations and make them thrive. The cultural activities vary in terms of their kinds. There is the religious activity and this activity, in my point of view, is very important because we need to have some religious development, such as urging people to work which is the basis of worship. Strong religion is fundamental and this creates a generation with strong faith and belief. Religion and belief depend on any person and faith. It encourages man to work, to be committed and to be patient. Religion corrects the wrong ideas and beliefs. In this sense, we find the importance of the scholars who support the young people with conscious and sensible thoughts. We, in the Arab countries, need a big support in the religious culture.

  • خليل ابراهيم


    The people should all adopt one of the beautiful principles of the Islamic religion, which is “Do no harm” and this principle must be docking between the Muslims so that they would be able to deal with the property and the capabilities of the nation of buildings and facilities, and other capabilities. In Egypt, we have suffered a lot of corruption, whether political, cultural or religious through which generated a kind of frustration, hatred and other things that have made many mistakes in the ways of expression. It would have made the destruction, burning up, murder, and attacks normal things, but we say that these acts are criminal and terrorist acts that do not depart from that range.

  • هلال سعيد


    Movies and cartoons came showing Messenger of Allah as an impolite person, and that he came into the world to play, or he came not cared towards the message he carried by or mandated by the Lord Almighty. We say that the Holy Great Prophet came with the values of morality and qualities praiseworthy of morality. He came to become a guidance and mercy for all humans. This is the Messenger of Allah. How can we not appreciate this? These films are not a crime against the Muslims alone, but a crime against a billion and a half Muslims who did not expect from the West this shameful act. It started the strife in the world and led many Muslims to some foolish acts, which reflected criminality, savagery and violence that the Western world itself condemns. That film deals with disrespect of the Messenger of Allah who came with guidance and the religion of Truth, to reveal to the whole world. We strongly condemn this work, which does not fit with any of the Messengers or envoys from God.

  • محمد اسحق


    Peaceful demonstrations are required and important acts and the new governments have to work to support that. There must be a culture of freedom of opinion, expression and demonstration in order to be civilized and to move forward.

  • سامي احمد علي


    The prophet of Allah (peace be upon him), the graceful and merciful messenger that Allah granted to all the nations and peoples, is the messenger who conquered the world with Islam to be one of the greatest messages, and also one of the greatest civilizations that took place among nations. The prophet led the Muslim nation and spread patience, faith, mercy, cooperation, and high morals. Islamic civilization was built depending on forgiveness in speech and tolerance for the offenses. We have Prophet Muhammad as a good example to follow. Freedom was the main reason why the Prophet Muhammad had enough patience to deal with the unbelievers. His patience (peace be upon him) turned into tolerance and forgiveness in all actions and deeds. The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was sent to teach the whole world the culture of freedom and the culture of democracy as well. In addition, he called for deeds in public to pardon while in a state of power and mercy between the strong and the weak.

  • محمود عياد


    The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)was sent to the whole world without distinction according to the looks or the colors of humans. The Prophet said that whether you are an Arab or an outlander, you are the same at the side of Allah, who will only differentiate between you according to your religiousness and good deeds. Moreover, the basis of piety is the acts and the worship of one human wherein Islam came inviting people to. The Prophet Muhammad also said, “I was sent by Allah to complement the best of morality.” This indicates the mercy and love of the message of Islam he came with (peace be upon him). So many people believed in Islam because they saw how much it encourages high morals and principles. Added to this, they saw how much Muhammad (peace be upon him) was patient while calamities were happening. He also had recognition at a glance and wisdom thinking in different situations. He was called names, insulted, and humiliated by the unbelievers, the people of the horde and even his own family and tribe, but he was so patient. This patience was to prove to humans that not everything could be solved using violence or force. Islam is a religion of peace, purity, love, and chastity. We have Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) as a good example to follow and we Muslims have to be patient with adversities. We have to deal with such difficult times in a wise way without using terrorism as we saw in some Islamic countries nowadays such as those acts that do not express Islam or seize on the morals and manners of our generous forgiving Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him).

  • علي عبدالله


    Is there a human so gentle and kind? No, I swear to God no! He is the Messenger of Mercy, he did not meet anyone badly but with goodness that he used to control his anger. He urged his companions to restrain their anger. God said, "We sent thee but as a mercy to the worlds" God did not send him as a mercy for those who follow his religion only, but as mercy for all people in all creeds and denominations no matter if they are hostile or disagreed with him. His whole scented fine words and noble attitude are attested by some of the foreign and secular intellectuals, the non believers or non followers testified and witnessed for him. What about us? It was our prophet that represented charity in the form of a human, when called a tribe to Islam and this tribe refused to follow his invitation, walked behind him, stultified and insulted him; he did not start war against them. He did not ask his companions to walk with him to take revenge, but he did not even curse them, but even prayed for them. If he asked God to punish them, God would have responded. But he didn't curse them, hoping that their offspring will worship God. What will be the reaction of any of us if someone urinated in his house or on his bed? We will all get angry, but look at our beloved Prophet. When the Bedouin urinated in the mosque, and the companions tried to prevent him, our Prophet told them to leave him until he is finished, and then with gentleness he told him that the houses of God were made for worshiping God and reading the Koran. Is there any one of us who has such tolerance?

  • عبدالله عباس


    O rulers of Arabs and Muslims, all those who are jealous of God Almighty and religions, God's heavenly Books; this is the attitude of your people toward what came from the west against the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. Some people had a strong and true reaction like the Muslims in America who distributed several books on the ethics of the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, and declared to the whole world the proper position of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, and some Muslims performed prayers outside the U.S. embassy because the person who abused our noble Prophet is originally from the U.S. So I went to complain to the United States itself, and didn't utter any word; this was a deeper response while others acted in a scandalous way, which disgraced the Muslims as a whole with actions of theft, looting, and demonstrations setting fire, destruction and vandalism to state property. O rulers, is this what was issued by some people that will come by you? We ask all of you to have a strong and thoughtful reaction, whether economic or diplomatic or any way you deem appropriate, but we hope that you, after God the Almighty, stop this farce which shakes the seven heavens because it touches the noble and generous Messenger, the last of the prophets, Muhammad, prayers and peace be upon him, and affects Muslims all over the world.

  • علي مبارك


    Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him), is the best human being and the best creation of the Almighty Allah. He is called honest and trustworthy in his manners, good morals, and ethics both by his opponents and those who do not believe in him. At the time of the call, they never disagreed for a day over his manners. They give him their money to be kept and he is known for not lying and always telling the truth. All of this made the Messenger of Allah true, honest, and trustworthy that Allah created for the believers and the last of the prophets and apostles (prayer and peace upon you). O my beloved, the light of my heart, my master and the crown above my head, O Muhammad, son of Abdullah, who had tolerance for all who wanted to harm him, his manners were modesty and pardon when he could and tolerated for good and propagation of religion. Allah said about him (you O Muhammad are a mercy to the worlds) that means any creature and all the clans and master of creation, Mohammed always said: “Ruthless people will not have Allah’s mercy.” Regarding the mercy of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, he said what a Muslim planted as saplings in his hand and ate them, human being or an animal, but he had good deeds or as he said, which proves that he had mercy and eminence for humans and animals together. If you check the words of the messenger of Allah, you will find that whoever instills that he is a Muslim and eats the harvest of any human being at all; not the class of Muslims without consideration for others, hence the upbringing of all Muslims before himself.

  • محمد


    Except for the messenger of Allah, O stinky people!

  • علي عبدالله محمد


    Our tolerant religion is reflected in the tolerance of our Prophet, peace be upon him, in his dealings with all who surrounded him. All who offended him, starting from the infidels, polytheist, and his Jew and hypocrite enemies, he didn't abuse anyone that might have hurt him, and he was virtuous so we should have his qualities. If we take him as an example, which we must do these days because there are frequent abuses towards us, which is not weakness for us, but we must behave just like the Prophet of mercy and tolerance, peace be upon him, where he did not respond to any one that insulted or satirized him one day, and we must follow his Sunnah in order to be among the winners.

  • علوي الخباز


    The Prophet, peace be upon him, was most tolerant with people; he did not return the offense with an offense, and he was merciful to his people. These are the ethics of Islam, which must be shown by everyone.

  • أحمد جلال جعفر


    Islam is a religion of tolerance, compassion, justice, fairness, and pardon when possible. That is to say it is the religion that is based on tolerance, and part of the tolerance is the call of the prophets to have faith in this world, cooperation among the people and they also recommended good handling. The difference between the religions does not prevent good dealings with the rest of the divine religions and the exchange of material benefits, and Islam commanded Jihad for the presence of freedom and justice among the people, for the liberation from the shackles of tyranny, and for lifting them out of the injustice of ignorance. It also recommended mercy and support for the oppressed and to rule with justice among the people. The religion of Islam also prevented the killing of children, women, the elderly, the deficient and the weak, and not to kill the innocent souls. Islam ordered to fulfill the pledges taken by the believers against the breach of the promises and called for the delinquency of just peace that will protect the dignity and pride of the Muslims and guarantees their rights. Thus, peace can be a force, and not a weakness because the strong Muslim forces are better for Allah the Almighty than the weak Muslims. As for the ethics of the greatest prophet, blessings and completed prayers upon him; they are the best and most comprehensive ethics. When he spoke, he would have promised and if he spoke he would say the truth, i.e. he does not know lying in his life but forbade the believers to lie and ordered them to be honest and to speak the truth. And among the qualities of the noble Prophet is patience with the scourge and justice among the people. He was generous with those who come to him and favored the stranger to himself and also honored the passerby and fed him. He ordered spending for the sake of Allah, the Almighty and called for generosity and bounty, and vilified avarice and stinginess and he satisfied his lord. He loved the poor and deprived the arrogant and forbade it. And the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was loved in the hearts of all the people.

  • ابراهيم سلمان


    She is a woman that entered paradise by good deeds to a cat. These are the morals of Islam, O claimer of freedom who thought that they really have brought the rights of humans and animals. Allah had ordered the Prophet to be big hearted, as Allah had mercy on the young before the old people; he never hit his servant, never harmed his family, and never disparaged food. He commanded to smile and he was a light walking on earth. When he saw people making fun of someone else, the prophet of Allah got angry because Allah sees our hearts and does not hold us accountable for our appearances. The companions were mocking the form of a companion and he said to them: he is in Paradise. The Messenger of Allah was a preacher and not a repellent and even with the maximum penalties we see him as tolerant, jovial, and amicable.

  • صلاح سعيد احمد


    We all know the ethics of the Messenger and perceive them, but only the disbelievers deny them. The ethics of the Messenger that the companions brought up accordingly formed the Islamic caliphate at a time when Europe was witnessing the eras of darkness and backwardness. These are the ethics that created a generation where the companion deprives himself to death, and this is not a kind of demonstration or show off but is true love for the sake of Allah as taught to them by the noble messenger. You will not find in the world true love as the Prophet loved his wives and you will not find true friendship as it was between the companions, and the people who left this world for the hereafter. When we see our Lord Uthman, we should mention that he was very rich and he gave a well of water to the Muslims without any charge and when we find our Lord Abu Bakr donating his money to Islam, all of this can happen only for two reasons: the first is the sincerity of the message of the true Islam and the second is the sincerity of the teacher and the sincerity of the guidance of Allah to him that he favors his companions and works on avoiding differences as the culture of difference as created by the Messenger of Allah when he favored the supporters and the immigrants during the immigration. If we talked about the ethics of the Prophet, there is no doubt that they can not be told in a full day or a whole life because he filled the earth with justice and peace to this day, and this really indicates that the ethics of this Messenger are enough for a lifetime as he is the teacher of the generations and the teacher of centuries.

  • سعيد علي يوسف


    Islam is a deep and holistic religion that speaks to the depths of the human soul and the depths of society. Islam came fully aware that it would not be accepted by everyone and Allah has said (Wert thou severe or harsh-hearted, they would have broken away from about thee) Islam accepts all individuals and systematically goes with all the minds. It is unreasonable that everyone would be Muslims and therefore religion was really a method that covers all the segments of society. It taught us how to treat the infidel, how we treat the people of the book, how we treat even the sick and sordid people, and how we treat the black and the white, this is really tolerance. Tolerance and open-mindedness are attributes of Islam that a right approach can not differentiate. Therefore, what they issued, including this stupid movie, announces their lack of understanding or the absence of their willingness to understand.

  • غانم ابراهيم زايد


    As we are required to defend religion, we are also required to protect life, honor, money and the mind but rather one of the purposes of Sharia is to defend these demands. The homeland is a collection of things that can not be untied of as they are the laws of the universe for the homeland, good and bad, and should have good and bad things. What is meant is that everyone must support each other in the same community and they should not be like a ticking bomb that can explode when approaching it. We can not solve any problem with violence but we must be calm and cool for the benefit of all, why demonstrate in Egypt and what happened has happened in America? Is the Egyptian government, the one which must be punished?

  • بسام خليل


    Arson, demolition and sabotage are factors in the demolition of the society and what happens because of the abuse to the Holy Prophet does not satisfy neither religion nor the mind and everyone should be cautious.

  • شوقي حسن الجودر


    He is the gifted mercy and the lamp of light that lit the world and transformed it from the depth of darkness into the light. He was Mohammed, peace and prayers upon him. Allah, the Lord of the universe, when he chooses he chooses wisely and everything he has in the universe is chosen wisely and by an amount; this is the law of Allah on earth that everything is done with an amount and taken away by an amount. The ignorant believe they are wise and this is the severest misguidance when we see the misleaders making extravagant statements and believing they were given things that have not been given to anyone before, but the prophet of Allah did not come to be a messenger of nothing. The Messenger of Allah was loved by his people before the coming of the message as he was a man that the tribes resorted to and pledged their secrets, thanks to his honesty and sincerity, and if there are those who believe that all of this is a lie and no one from his clan respected him, let them bring us stories and news, which aver this and which were circulated by confident narrators and proofs. The Messenger of Allah did not prostrate himself to an idol at all and did not like fun and corruption since his childhood and with him is the best companionship and he was known as the best human being. Why would the fools believe that he is just a liar? One of the philosophers said that the problem of the liar is not the fact that he is lying, but his problem is that he is denying the people around him and this is really what's happening to these skeptics and biased people for other purposes, and they will not be convinced of anything even when the earth is filled with gold. When we see the humility of the Messenger and his worshiping, we are fully aware that there is a secret behind it, which should be looked for. Why would a person who was about to be killed subject his life to torture, humiliation, and danger if he was not carrying truth between the folds of his chest? Why did the Messenger not order anyone to worship him or to glorify him? The Messenger of Allah died at the top of his modesty on a mat at his house. Why this happened to him is because he did not come to desire life but the Hereafter.

  • علي حسن علي


    We sacrifice our souls and everything we have, O Messenger of Allah, who sacrificed for us and suffered greatly for his loved ones. The abuse will not pass unnoticed and Allah will not leave those who are abusive. Their end will not be good, but a bad ending is not only for the commiters of bad deeds; this is the way things work in life. If some Muslims had abused the makers of this despicable film, the reaction would be that every wrongdoer is due to his religion. Therefore, there is no one in the world that we must hear and give attention to. The film is nothing but hatred for Islam and what will they benefit from this awful abuse but abusing themselves? If they did not like the Prophet, peace be upon him and his actions and they are rejecting the instinct and do not apply it and do not want to be reformers but spoilers and so does the Messenger. Since the emergence of Islam, only liars, strays and devotees of tyranny and arrogance deny him and his message. If this man was really having a message, he must declare himself rather than his permanent unjustified hiding, and this will not diminish the value of the Messenger as he has disseminated his full message without failure or distortion and he has delivered the message and fulfilled the trustee, let this abuser tell us what he had provided mankind with? The message of the Messenger will remain and will not end. It will advance no matter what the tendentious people did, but they would go to the dustbin of history without crying or remorse.

  • عصام عبدالله محمد


    Islam should not have come down on any human, but it must be sent down to a qualified person for all of his beliefs and acts of worship. Islam is not only a religion through which we should worship Allah, but a way of life followed by the chosen messenger and Prophet of Allah and his Lord prepared him and warmed his chest to be able to convince people of all ages and minds.

  • عبدالرحمن تاج الدين


    None of our neighbors is safe, this is the saying of the Messenger of Allah; a few words shortened the message of the Prophet to confirm good-neighborly conduct for all and not just the neighbor in the building or housing, but a state to another state. What was brought by the prophet of tolerance and good manners has ensured the rights of everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim, even those attacking Islam are forgiven by Islam if they ask for the forgiveness of the Muslims and do not commit the mistake again. We saw when the Messenger entered the Kaaba and ordered the killing of seven unbelievers who harmed him a lot and yet he had forgiven many of them. Because the religion of the Quran is a religion of tolerance and forgiveness, and because one of the attributes of Allah is pardon, the ethics of the Messenger were based on the Quran, but the Messenger of Allah, when he realized that the abuse would not be limited only to him but may also harm the interests of the group and of Islam, he was not be able to keep silent about it. Tolerance does not mean weakness and abandonment of supporting righteousness because the message of Islam is not a message to one individual and neglecting the other, but it is a comprehensive message to the whole world. We learned through it the message of tolerance before the force and we learned from Islam how to be patient with the mistaken until he repents before being subjected to g prescribed penalty and retribution against him. This is the message of Islam; the prophet has often pardoned many mistaken people who wronged him and this is the message of the prophets according to the saying of Jesus, son of Mary; Allah, forgive my nation as they do not know. Abuse comes from the ignorant; pardon and forgiveness come from the wise.

  • حميد نصيف


    The value of tolerance is a high value called for by all religions, and it is a value necessary for peaceful coexistence among humans. The Islamic religion has called for this quality precisely because the Islamic call is in itself based on tolerance and forgiveness, which is the mystery of human existence. The holy Quran has given such quality a special attention and mentioned it in every verse as in the verse, "and pardon (all) men; for Allah loves those who do good-". The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, was big-hearted and he transcends himself above all these good qualities as he was sent to perfect the morals and he forgave the wrong doers and invited them to the way of Allah with wisdom and good counsel.

  • مبروك وليد


    The Prophet, peace be upon him, is a symbol of Islam and Muslims, and he is a good example and model that should be emulated by every Muslim human being in all of his life’s concerns. Congratulations to those who take the ethics of the Holy Prophet as an approach in managing his affairs and in running the issues of life, and woe to everyone who deviated from his morals and those who do not follow his qualities and deviated from the path of righteousness on which he died, peace and blessings be upon him, while calling for it. Hardly could we find in this time a man who possesses such qualities as yours, O Messenger of Allah, and rarely could we find a tolerant spirit, like your soul, O Messenger of Allah. The chosen was good to those who insulted him where some infidels were throwing dirt on his back while he was kneeling and pelting him with gravel and stones and tried to kill him more than once; however, he forgave and pardoned them.

  • طاهر حبيب حمود


    The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, for the nation as a whole is a typical example of tolerance, forgiveness, and pardoning people who are abusive through their words and actions. Part of the events of the Prophet's biography indicates the greatness of the ethics of our noble Messenger making us unable to stop our tears because of his greatness, peace be upon him. One of these events was when the infidels of Quraish were torturing everyone who follows the religion of Islam, and insulting the Prophet Muhammad, throwing stones at him and wanting to kill him in any way. The Prophet Muhammad did nothing but called upon the Lord saying, "Oh Allah, forgive my nation, as they do not know," and we should not also forget his positions with the people of the Book and during the invasions that were peaceful and did not aim at destroying, demolishing or shedding innocent blood, and he had been recommending to the companions and the Muslims before they prepare for any invasion not to kill children, the elderly or women, and to have mercy on the weak people. His position was clear towards the new diverters to Islam according to the verse, "But if the enemy is inclined towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace". The Holy Prophet was an example in maintaining the charters and treaties and not denouncing them unless the infidels denounce them first and the infidels themselves have entitled him to be honest and trustworthy because he, peace be upon him, took honesty as a fundamental principle and this is his way to reach righteousness, Paradise, and Allah the Almighty. And Holy Messenger have urged reaction to the evil through good actions, to treat the people gently and with leniency to achieve social peace in the Arab nation, as in the verse, "Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching", which expresses the great concepts of tolerance advocated by Islam. Also, our dignified religion forbids us to take revenge on those who offended us and think about abusing them. The Prophet, peace be upon him, gave unparalleled opportunity for all mankind by developing sound moral foundations that everyone in the human nation should follow and apply in all fields in the society.

  • عيسى عبدالله عيسى


    Islam is the religion of lofty principles and the religion of virtues, forgiveness and peace, but the basis underlying the Islamic call is saying good and kind words and a soft style, not the rude and violent. It is one of the leading factors for the entry of Islam in the hearts of the non-Muslims and their adherence to its doctrine and defending it regardless of whatever it costs them. If we talk about the tolerance of Islam, we are of course talking about the standard-bearer of the ethics of Islam, Muhammad, peace be upon him, who is for the whole world a model of tolerance and pardon of those who offended him. And we should never forget his saying to the Quraish in Mecca to those who tortured the Muslims with the severest torments to prevent them from practicing their religion "Go, you are free". What beautiful morals, my master, O Messenger of Allah, which are an example of tolerance and pardon of those who oppressed you and oppressed your nation.

  • يعقوب جمعه عيسى


    The prophet was a mercy to all mankind and all creatures. He refused to curse Jews and said that he is sent by God to be a mercy to the creatures and not to curse them. He was sent to guide mankind to the righteous path, direct them and enlighten them so that they may follow the straight path. He wants goodness for all mankind and that is something we can learn a lot from. He used to pray for the followers of all religions during his prayers, and he used to pray for Muslims in particular. He used to ask God to bestow them with bountiful livelihoods. O the prophet of Allah, you had numerous venerable qualities, and I wonder will there ever be anyone who matches your good demeanor, religiosity and kindness. That you are our prophet is a great pride for us, O messenger of Allah. You are the one who taught us every matter that concerns our lives, and you’re the best of the best. The prophet advised us to be compassionate and be kindhearted towards everyone around us, and not to harm anyone. He never punished anyone who attempted to kill him or showed him hostility. On the contrary, he used to let him go and forgave him more often than not. He was so courteous that he used to accept presents even from his adversaries, where he once accepted a present by Zainab bint Al Hareth. She gave him a poisoned present for him to consume, but the prophet forgave her even though he was harmed by her poisoned present. The prophet used to speak with his enemies in a polite and pleasant manner, and he used to deal and interact with all sorts of people. He used to do business with both Jews and Ansaris (his followers), and he advised all of us to keep contact with our relatives and pay them regular visits. Despite his numerous concerns and busyness as a result of taking care of the affairs of Muslims, conducting raids or going to war, yet he used to do justice to everyone to the highest degree. One day, one of his wives sent him some food while he was staying with his other wife Aisha and Aisha got jealous and hit the food with her hand. The food fell on the ground, and then the prophet asked her to replace the food with another food. This shows his enormous justice and the fact that he used to do justice to anyone who was wronged by another person. In that regard, he never discriminated against individuals of another faith or race, but he instead used to be fair to everyone. He used to give every person his right, and he used to command his companions to do the same and never tolerate injustice.

  • ميرزا إبراهيم


    Is there anyone among us that was forced to embrace Islam, or do we know of anyone that was forced to do the same? Do we force anyone to accept Islam? Even people from other religions who convert to Islam do so out of strong conviction and unshakeable faith.

  • عبدالمنعم محمد


    Violent demonstrations are the bloody and unsuccessful demonstrations that are always associated with vandalism, killings, and terrorist activities. Such demonstrations are completely against freedom and democracy that we are promoting. As we can see, demonstrations are forbidden in Saudi Arabia in the first place out of fear of their consequences and eventualities that could endanger and weaken the nation. As such, Saudi Arabia forbids demonstrations completely, peaceful or otherwise. However, many or most countries allow demonstrations on the grounds that demonstrations constitute a form of self-expression or freedom. Yet these countries demand that the demonstrations must be peaceful, in order to maintain the safety of the nation and its people. What would we lose if we abandon savagery and bloodshed, and embrace peace even when we are demonstrating? We would be at an advantage if our demonstrations are peaceful, well-organized and have predefined goals. We should appoint someone to organize our demonstrations and keep them calm and peaceful, until their goals are accomplished in a tranquil and civilized manner. If we manage to do that, there will be no casualties. However, there are some of us who argue that no solution can be reached without organizing violent demonstrations, and these people think they are right and they try to disseminate their ideas in order to convince others.

  • حميد ماجد عيسى


    Are we doing the right thing now or not? We see numerous flames and killings due to our fury and rage over the pigs who insulted the prophet, peace be upon him. But we also see people who support these flames and other violent activities. At the same time, there are others who say no to such behavior, arguing that this is not how we should conduct ourselves and that it’s not appropriate for us to act that way. This group believes that we can get our rights through better methods that are more civilized and respectful and can restore the dignity of Muslims. However, we want to put an end to what’s happening now, but we don’t know what to do to stop this. We are all thinking and are trying our best, but everyone of us has his own ways in which he is convinced, as well as his own way of thinking and expressing himself. Yet we all agree at all times that those pigs and dogs don’t understand Islam and know nothing about the noble prophet. But we must do something in order to restore our rights, even if we have to set their places on fire, kill their children and annihilate them all. We can also file many lawsuits against the cast of the so-called film, which is not a film at all. It is nothing but venom that aims to exterminate Muslims, because they know the status of prophets in all religions. Therefore, we should stop using their products and boycott them, so that they sustain some losses and make them regret their wrongdoing. It is strange how those idol worshipers that worship any strange thing around them are conducting themselves. But then what would we expect from those people? We identify them as “these people” because we know of no name to identify them with. They are not even worth having a name. O the messenger of Allah, we love you and we don’t accept that anyone tries to badmouth you. O our beloved prophet, you are our messenger and you are the one who guided us to the straight path. You are the one who taught us how to go about our lives in this world.

  • ابراهيم عبدالرحمن


    It is worth mentioning that our beloved prophet lost his parents before he was old enough to interact with his surroundings. His father died before his mother gave birth to him, while his mother passed away a little later. Hence, God the Almighty raised him up, and that upbringing granted the prophet good manners. When he called on his relatives to worship Allah and associate none with him, they always used to turn down his call and ignored him, despite the fact that they knew him as the “Truthful and Trustworthy”. Yet whenever he raised the issue of abandoning the idols and their worship, it was to them like a red line that the prophet should never cross. The prophet then used to talk to them in a gentle and good manner at times, and resorted to holding discussions with them at other times. God supported the prophet by giving him certain supernatural abilities, so that he may prove to them that he is indeed right about what he is saying. As a result, some people began to believe in his message.

  • مهدي عبدالله سلمان


    In the aftermath of releasing the offensive film insulting Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, masses of Muslims across the world came out in demonstrations, denouncing and objecting to the film. The latter had one single goal, which was to insult our noble prophet, despite that fact that his message and all other religions messages call for peace, security and harmony. They also call for high morals and respecting other religions. Yet the strange thing in this issue is that no Arab country has ever published an offensive film that deliberately insults any religion or denomination. But as time goes by, something that belittles Islam and is disrespectful of it appears every now and then. However, there is a certain truth that is not known to these mindless individuals that produce such insulting films, and that truth is the fact that God has taken the responsibility for defending and protecting the noble prophet and Islam till the end of time. God is never pleased with wrongdoing, but He lets wrongdoers blindly continue their idiocy, until the day comes when they won’t find someone to intercede for them. Hence, let them continue with their malevolence, for tomorrow is just a day away. Responding to this insult should not be by another insult, because that would do more harm than help to Islam. Islam is indeed a righteous religion that calls for peace, so how can a group of people engage in beating up others and committing killings in defending Islam? In these situations, it’s imperative that we use our minds and dispute with others in a good way, so that we may set a good example for others to follow. Strength does not come from beating others and demonstrations, but the one that uses his mind more than his voice will win. Therefore, it would be good if all Arab countries agree on one thing, which is helping Islam by producing a great film about the life of the prophet from its beginning till the end. This will show those ignorant individuals how the prophets come into being. It will also show them that their work is nonsense and is very much like Cartoons that are not suitable even for kids. This is because these films contain myths and misleading ideas that could reinforce wrong concepts in their minds.

  • محسن الخضر


    “The mountain gave birth to a mouse”. This is what I can say about the offending film or anything offensive against the Prophet whether films, photographs or even complete programs. They did not bring something new. They all repeat one or two arguments like the parrot without awareness or understanding, and without paying heed to Muslims’ reactions. They just want to speak and show their high position in front of others, because deep down they know their lowness.

  • حسن احمد علي


    All political and religious parties have called the concerned authorities to take firm position towards such attacks against the symbols, sanctities and the Holy Books of some religions. In fact, those parties wanted to avoid responsible reactions, which could cause some additional problems to their nations especially that the Arab world is going through transitional phase. At the present time, the Arabs are in desperate need for unity. On the other hand, the Charter of Human Rights, issued by the United Nations, confirmed the rejection of calls for hatred, racism, discrimination. The democracy is based, above all, on equality. The democratic regimes should ensure the freedom of others in terms of opinion and belief. The Islamic religion, in fact, does not oppose such positive principles. Indeed, Islam preaches the freedom of belief more than any other religion. In fact, the people will be held accountable for their deeds on the Day of Resurrection, and not in this life. The freedom of expression could lead to the offense of the beliefs of others and the principles of equality. Indeed, there are two schools of thought. The first one is rejected because it advocates the freedom from all restrictions and controls whereby the individuals are allowed to do whatever they want. This kind of freedom brings about social chaos. The second school of thought believes that freedom means the independence of the human will and the freedom of expression in line with social norms. In other words, the individuals should be committed to some controls, which are set by a group of human beings, such as religious and moral restrictions. From this perspective, the individuals are forced to assume their responsibility, in terms of expression and actions, towards the community.

  • احمد يوسف


    We have currently been put to the test in order to recognize the amount of our love for Prophet Mohammed, blessings and peace be upon him, and to show to the entire world and to ourselves that we love our Prophet very much and we are influenced by him in everything around us. In fact, all of us object to this abusive film, even the actors are currently objecting to this film and claiming that they have nothing to do with it since they had not been aware of the objectives of this film. Thus, they have taken legal action against the film's author. In fact, the enemies of Islam and Jews are astonished because of our great love of Islam and our Holy Prophet. Therefore, they want to do anything that could raise our anger through trying so many times to abuse the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, and Islam in different ways. Yet, no one is able to harm our Prophet since he is immune by the protection of Allah the Almighty and the love of all the people around him whether Muslims or non-Muslims. Indeed, we always reject any kind of abuse against our Prophet and defend him since he is the mightiest of God’s creation. Even the media have carried out their role and achieved many objectives through replying to these foolish people by saying that we respect our Prophet and we will never accept this given that we love our religion and prophet very much and reject whoever tries to harm him, whether from near or far. Indeed, we love our Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, far more than ourselves. Thus, we have to put an end to all the things which are currently taking place through issuing a law that punishes whoever tries or even thinks of abusing Islam or Muslims.

  • احمد رستم


    We all indict the film that has attacked the Prophet of God. Those who made this silly film don’t know the extent of our love for the Prophet of God. In fact, we sacrifice our lives and all our properties for the sake of the Prophet. Besides, these people don’t know the reality of the Prophet because they only have false information. In fact, we don’t know what they will benefit from these acts that are unacceptable by any religion. These persons have attacked Islam and Muslims from time to time and they have made a big effort to tarnish the image of Islam. However, their trials have ended with a big failure. And this will be their destiny all the time, God willing. In fact, they will leave this dark tunnel only when Islam achieves a real victory and the Islamic State will regain its strength and glory. Thus, we ask the international organizations to enact severe laws that will criminalize the verbal and physical attacks against sanctities, faith and religions. In fact, those who dare to attack religion verbally will be able to attack it by actions especially if we don’t fight them.

  • عارف العنزي


    Islam is the last divine religion which came after Judaism and Christianity. It is a religion directed to the whole world and not to just one class. Islam has been spread thanks to its ethics which are those endorsed by the Messenger of Allah. People from every corner have embraced Islam as they are convinced by its principles which advocate good morals, heightened meanings. Islam is a law based on behavior and its addresses the mind in the first place.

  • عبدالله زايد


    The Muslim nation at the moment is being targeted through the heinous offense against the Messenger of Allah. Indeed, the ignorant enemies are fabricating lies and defaming the character of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. They actually ignore the great character and the qualities of this great man who won the appreciation of Muslims as well as others. Those who insulted the Messenger of Allah ought to read more about the Prophet's biography first. Then, they would be able to make the right and fair judgments. The message of the Prophet Muhammad to humanity is marked by goodness and peace. The Prophet had striven and suffered too much in order to disseminate his message of righteousness among the peoples. Indeed, his great message enlightened mankind. It turned ignorance and backwardness into knowledge, openness, faith, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness. Whoever converts to Islam is urged to show good manners toward everyone. Islam does not discriminate between people at all. It preaches intimacy and good treatment among the people. Islam ensures and protects the rights of everyone. Therefore, it is crystal clear to everyone that Islam is the religion of justice, fairness and righteousness.

  • عبدالله عيسى


    Everyone is aware that a lot of people in the world are not good at forgiving and pardoning others. However, our religion, Islam, has taught us how to behave well away from adopting the mentality of the ignorant given that our Holy Prophet used to urge us to behave well as much as we can even toward non-Muslims. The latter have their own religion and we have our own but we should not be hostile to them or murder them.

  • احمد ابراهيم المالود


    It is not sufficient to indict the events of the film that taints our holy prophet, peace be upon him. In fact, these painful events have raised the Arabs and Muslims’ anger. Thus, we will be stronger and we will not remain silent after today. We will express our opinions and we will spread our religion. We must show them the reality of our holy Prophet, peace be upon him. Besides, we will not remain silent and we will not be afraid of any person who will attack our religion or Prophet. In fact, the Prophet protected you saying: “You have your religion, I have mine”. However, you have gone beyond the limits. That’s why you must get a severe punishment in front of the whole world. In fact, these people don’t know the reality of Muhammad, peace be upon him. Thus, the American Government must severely punish these people because they have attacked the religion and the Prophet, peace be upon him. In fact, we must defend our beloved Prophet who is the best creature and we must not remain silent after today. I want to say to these people that Muhammad has taught humanity the good ethics and tolerance. Thus, we will not forgive you for what you have done. In fact, Muslims must work on spreading the Islamic religion. And the whole world must know the reality of Muslims and of our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him.

  • ام هاشم


    If you do not aid the Prophet - Allah has already aided him (Qur’an: At-Tawbah: 40) The announcers, objectors and condemners of the protests have sold their religion and their prophet to the Americans. They lost the world and the Hereafter!

  • عبدالعزيز احمد طاهر


    When we talk about the core of such concepts as mercy and compassion, we should shed light on the attitudes of the Prophet of Islam, Taha, blessings and peace be upon him. Indeed, the prophetic noble positions go hand in hand with the Holy Quran verse which reads: "We sent thee but as a mercy to the worlds", great truth of God. This means that Allah Almighty sent the Messenger as an epitome for peace, mercy and compassion in the world as a whole. No text is clearer than the Holy Quran in summarizing the goal of sending the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him.

  • عبدالله عيسى النعار


    Perhaps the real hidden reason behind the loss of the message of peaceful demonstrations is that the entire country has become eager to know the meaning of these demonstrations. In fact, the law, including the emergency act, has increased people’s psychological instability since it has urged them to abandon their rights to express their point of view concerning a particular position in order to serve some powerful icons and people in high positions. Indeed, the law used to deprive people of their right to demonstrate and express their position or to take any stance, even if it was peaceful, against anything which could harm or affect these icons. However, with the real change in the meaning of protests and the noble human things it carries, the meaning has changed as a result of this eagerness and longing and taken a wrong path but the law has amended it. I wonder why, as human beings, we are not able to reform our definition of this issue and return to the real meaning of protests away from sabotage, destruction or burning. In fact, the general meaning of protest is simply the cooperation and unity of all community members in order to express a particular point of view, opinion about a state case or issue or to highlight a particular case. The latter can be achieved unless we adopt cooperation and love and agree that the first and foremost interest is the general interest of the country. We have also to be aware that peaceful demonstration is a guaranteed right to everyone.

  • أحمد الجابر


    The right of peaceful demonstration is guaranteed to all community members unless it exceeds its meaning and its boundaries. But in case of violating such boundaries through burning, demolishing, destroying, destabilizing the security and integrity of the country as a whole and hampering the interests of the country, the latter must take the appropriate measures against these protesters, I mean these criminals. In fact, whoever allows himself to do such a thing in his country, will turn from a citizen whom the community guarantees his full right to protest and express his will into an accused and a criminal without rights because of the crimes which he committed against his nation and compatriots. At that time, such crimes can neither be concealed nor can we support the legitimate right of citizens.

  • نبيل يوسف


    Demonstrating appropriately in streets is considered a civilized and developed way of protest that reflects the will of the individual or a group of people and sometimes the community as a whole. However, when protest takes the real meaning of the word, it will deviate to barbarism, brutality and intellectual mediocrity of the individual. This may reflect the real decadence of the community as a whole, given that they have not taught their children how to protest peacefully and how to take their rights without violating the rights of the State and individuals as well.

  • ناصر أحمد الغانم


    A number of people of the Diaspora Copts have made a despicable film about the holy Prophet who is honored by God and given the greatest position. These criminals have insulted the noble Prophet. Thus, all the humanity has indicted that, whether Muslims or non-Muslims. In fact, this insult was considered as an insult to all the divine religions and not only to Islam because all the other religions recognized the existence of the prophet Ahmed who called for a great religion that was sent by God as a victory and honor for the whole mankind. Thus, all those who have principles and ethics must indict this insult against the Islamic teachings. These heinous insults must be fought by all our efforts. However, this must be achieved according to the good ethics that have been imposed by Islam and by our Prophet. This is in order to protect our religion, sanctities and Prophet from any insult. Thus, we call on all people to preserve self-control.

  • عبدالدائم آل قاسم


    I say that Allah saves his prophet and I request all muslems to do 2 things first, disbelivers can do any thing aginst Islam and muslems ,and second thing I advise them do not enter such webs

  • يحي


    We have to fight the USA.

  • محمدالعنسي


    Muhammad is my beloved Prophet, peace be upon him.

  • اخوكم


    Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you My beloved brothers, I have an opinion to present, and would like one of you to discuss it with me or correct me if I am wrong Regarding the offensive film insulting the great prophet peace be upon him, there is no doubt that it makes me very sad. I made pilgrimage to Mecca last year, and I stood before the grave of my beloved prophet, peace be upon him. God knows that I teared up while I was saying “my beloved prophet Mohammed, I ask you to intercede for me on the Day of Judgment”. I will say what is in my heart, and I have no intention to offend anyone and don’t want anyone to accuse me of not taking my religion seriously or that I’m disregarding the magnitude of this offense. I would like to say that the killing of the American ambassador and his escorts, as well as burning the building, might be more grave and evil in the eyes of God and his truthful prophet than the insulting movie!!! Don’t rush, but come and discuss with me. I might be wrong, but I believe that our prophet is a prophet for all mankind, and I pray to god to have mercy upon those who committed this offense. I ask god to cleanse their hearts from the hatred that they have for my beloved Taha (prophet Mohammed) Didn’t you know that the prophet of mercy used to pray to god to have mercy upon those who used to stone him? Didn’t he used to cry out of sympathy and compassion over those who used to insult and offend him??? Did you ever hear that the prophet, peace be upon him, killed a delegate??? And then what do the embassy and the ambassador have to do with the film??? You should ask the Libyans about this ambassador and his love for Libya and Libyans???? How can we deal with people like this? Didn’t god command us to deal with our enemies and adversaries as if though they were our warmhearted and intimate friends??? The person who has published this film is deemed our enemy, but then we should discuss with our enemies in accordance with the ethics of the Koran. We should dispute with them with means better than mere disputation, and we should consider them intimate friends whilst disputing with them. My beloved brothers, if anyone else has a different opinion, please discuss with me and correct me if I am wrong. I ask those who agree with me to write “O Allah, have blessings and peace on Muhammad and his family and his companions” .Also they should adopt the manners of Taha (a title of the Prophet Muhammad) and renounce those who killed their ambassador in our land.

  • maho


    His country should take him to the court, then only will we be peaceful and no one else will dare