Egyptian markets brace for influx of Qatari investments

Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani met with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on September 6th. [Handout/Reuters]

Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani met with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on September 6th. [Handout/Reuters]



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Businessmen and economists are abuzz over Qatar's announcement last week that it plans to inject $18 billion in investments into tourism and industry projects in Egypt over the next five years.

Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, Qatar's prime minister and its minister of foreign affairs, confirmed the news on September 6th following a meeting with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

He said officials will initiate studies to implement the investment plan, beginning with technical analysis and feasibility studies.

"Qatari businessmen are expected to invest in the various fields available in Egypt, from the previously publicised tourism, real estate, energy and metal industries sectors, to the financial and banking sectors," Mahmoud Sultan, an economics professor at Cairo University, told Al-Shorfa.

Qatar's entry into the Egyptian market began with the Qatar National Bank's acquisition of 77% of the ownership of Egypt's branch of Banque Société Générale and the Qatari investment bank QInvest's $250 million stake in Egypt's EFG-Hermes, giving it 60% ownership.

"Financial investments, however, will not be the same magnitude as investments in other fields due to the limitations on this type of trading in Egypt," Sultan said.

He said Qatari investments will bring two main benefits to Egypt. First, investment projects, in addition to pumping money directly into the Egyptian treasury, could create at least two million new jobs in industrial and tourist areas, and in energy and iron plants.

"Second, financial investments will naturally pump liquidity and hard currency into Egypt's financial markets, easing the pressure on the Egyptian pound against foreign currencies, especially the dollar," he added.

"This will also help Egypt occupy a vanguard position among Arab and African financial capitals, since Qatari investors are the focus of attention of financial investors and analysts thanks to their carefully-planned financial moves that result in successful investments in Europe, especially in London's real estate," Sultan said.

'Influx of joint investments'

"The ball is now in the court of the businessmen of the two countries," said Mahmoud Mansour, a member of the Egyptian Businessmen's Association.

He said these businessmen are currently putting the final touches on a joint business council to begin taking practical steps on the ground.

"The upcoming period will focus not only on the entry of Qatari investments into Egypt but also on exploiting Egyptian expertise in various [Qatari] sectors," Mansour said.

"This includes the construction and architecture sectors, with the aim of increasing the number of Egyptian workers in Qatar and [helping Egypt benefit] from its expected real estate boom, since it is hosting the World Cup in 2022," he said.

During a joint press conference in June, the countries' prime ministers announced that work has begun to increase the number of flights between Egypt and Qatar and to ease travel procedures, which will help revive the tourism and aviation sectors and invigorate Egyptian markets, Mansour said.

Dr Shaher Abdullah, an economics professor at Ain Shams University, said he expects the size of Qatari investments in Egypt to reach $30 billion in the coming years.

"In the next five years, Egypt will enjoy an economic boom in every sense of the word in the financial and real estate sectors," he said.

"This would benefit the Egyptian people because their government would have the necessary funds to fulfil its financial obligations in terms of securing salaries for public sector employees and completing the internal economic reform process," he said.

According to Abdullah, many Egyptian businessmen have existing financial ties with Qatari businessmen, "and the coming period will witness the influx of their joint investments into Egypt".



    محمود هاشم


    O Lord, lead the rulers of Muslims to goodness! O Lord, I hope Egypt returns to the best condition by the grace of God then by the grace of the Arabs and the Gulf brothers specifically because they are the best support for you Egypt and the people of Egypt!

  • محمد حسن عبدالله


    We know the crises that the Egyptian economy is experiencing, and the declining economic indicators, and despite all this, we have not seen anything but talk about Arab support ever since the success of the Jan 25th revolution. The honoring of the promises of support made by the Arab countries has not been as it should be with regard to the huge figures that were announced by the Arab countries. However, there are aid and assistance, and there is a desire to support the Egyptian revolution with all that they can offer to the Egyptian people so as to complete the success of the Egyptian revolution and realize the rest of its demands by means of Arab support to Egypt, and the Arab support will help solve many of the crises endured by the Egyptians and the new government that has been met with sanctions from its very first day.

  • صلاح شملان


    We know very well the support that the Arab countries have given to Egypt, and the positive effect that this has had on the people and on the economy in Egypt, and all of this support by the Arab countries to Egypt is working to solve major problems. This is because of the great importance of Egypt and its influence in the Middle East region and its connection with the outside world. The Egyptian people have carried out a revolution of an unprecedented kind in the Arab world and globally, and most certainly we have to describe it as a historic revolution that has set a unique example that is beyond description by words. However, the difficult circumstances that Egypt has gone through in the past years in terms of chaos that gripped the country due to the unstable government have heavily affected the Egyptian economy to this day, and with the current stability the Egyptian government is experiencing, there is hope that the economy will get better. Hence, I stress the importance of the Arab countries granting support to Egypt as this is what the country needs. This will also make an incentive for the Arab countries to provide support to Egypt, let alone the fact that the best things that we possess in our Arab countries are the values of Arabism and brotherhood. This support will increase the success and victory of the Egyptian revolution and its impact in Egypt on the lives of individuals and the society, and its impact on poverty, which has affected the country in recent years.

  • سلمان عبدالله عيسى


    After the Jan 25th revolution, the economy was badly affected as chaos and stagnation prevailed as a result of collapse of the corrupt former regime, which prompted Egypt to appeal for financial aid from the Arab countries, and these countries prefer to finance specific projects so that the citizens can benefit from them in a way that allows the unemployed youths to get jobs. For example, Saudi Arabia has announced that it is would like to provide financial support in order to finance infrastructure projects, while the UAE has dedicated its grants to set up a fund for financing small enterprises. Some view that these stipulations are a form of conditional intervention in the domestic policies which is rejected by all, but this is not a conspiracy against the people. Egypt has to do everything within its means in order to get the country back on its feet and develop it in all areas.

  • جابر عادل احمد


    It is known that Egypt occupies a special strategic position due to its peculiar geographical location on the African continent, and also it is the focus of attention of the whole world, such that its stability affects all the neighboring regions and the reverse could lead to dangerous consequences. Egypt is one of the countries whose opinions matter most, as it always adopts a moderate line that is not inclined in favor of any other party, and you always find the Arab brotherly countries coming to its aid in times of difficulty and crisis. After the Jan 25th revolution, Arab investors started to inject some money in order to enable the stock market to regain its stability, after it experienced massive losses during these days. The supportive stance of the Arab countries towards Egypt is something we are proud of, since if Egypt were in need of any help from outside, there should be an advantage for the lending country in return for that, as it always plays the game of the carrot and the stick in order to defend its interests. The brotherly Arab countries always prefer to direct their financial resources to specific projects that enhance the economy instead of using it to fund budget deficits that have surpassed EGP150 billion, since the citizens would not feel the effect of this money that has been invested, as it would not affect them at all. For example, Qatar wants to finance the expansion of the Suez Canal both in breadth and depth so that it can accommodate twice the number of vessels that currently pass through it. If this project is accomplished, it will bring in a sizable revenue stream from the fees collected from the ships going through the Suez Canal.

  • محمود محمد طاهر


    What Egypt suffered during a year and a half since the revolution fifth and twenty of suffering in the economy, Egypt is one of the first countries that seek to rise and increase the economy as well as its development through the ages. The economic problems experienced by Egypt led to significant impact not only on the aspects of the living and economy of the country, but also to the national security of Egypt. However, the system renaissance and development whole, and looking at the importance of the Arab support in our beloved Egypt must be looked at from different angles such as the support of the Arabs in many dimensions, including if not delusional in my view the cultural dimension and social Arab and Islamic nation.

  • خليل علي


    We all know that what is happening today in Egypt, such as the major problems in the Egyptian economy, resulted in Egypt’s economy suffering a lot of bad circumstances. Sometimes it rises and sometimes it falls, and you will find it in danger. The new government, through a new president and Arab support, will greatly affect improving the future of Egypt over the years. The future of the Egyptian economy depends on the return of security to the streets and the return of stability to the Egyptian citizens, who suffered from hunger, oppression, poverty, and lack of access because of discrimination, bribery and corruption. They are the conditions of many people who are in need of further reforms. The previous government caused economic losses suffered by the Egyptian people and is causing a lot of losses that occurred in the country, and the fate of the collapsed economy until the present day. Therefore, we commend the importance of the Arab support for Egypt and something to offer the country of Egypt.

  • سالم محمد


    The Arab support for Egypt was very clear during the war in ‘73 when the Arab supported Egypt militarily, politically and economically until they won the war. We see that the Arab countries continue to support and assist Egypt until they win the important war. The important war is not between Egypt and its enemies, but the war between Egypt and some of the Egyptian people. Who wins the ruling and who wins people's love, which will fulfill the people’s demands. Also, there is war between approval and rejection. Who is pleased with those are not pleased with the others. Everyone shows that they can raise the country again but are refused by the other half. We appeared as if we were caught up in a closed circle that had no outlet and for that, we call upon the Arabs to take our hands and find a way out.

  • خميس علي


    Egypt is in desperate need of Arab support, especially economic support, right after the revolution of Egypt so that Egypt can gather itself after the revolution’s negative effects. It became in dire need of those who extend a helping hand, especially after they refused foreign conditional aid with the purpose of humiliating Egypt before this amount of money and then they do what they like without objection from the Egyptians. Moreover, how could they object against those who give them the money, which they use to eat, wear, and learn? Therefore, Egypt is in need of support from its Arab brothers to come out of this ordeal intact. No one can fear for the Arab or feel about him like an Arab who has no purpose when he assists and supports him. There are many news about a number of Arab States, such as Saudi Arabia and UAE, who have said that they are ready to support Egypt after the revolution to advance again economically and return strong. However, there is no news confirming that Egypt actually received these amounts, but rather it was said that what Egypt will get actually is less than the offer of these countries back in the days of the revolution. However, what are these countries waiting for? Why are they late in paying the money? Are they waiting until the financial situation stabilizes in Egypt to know what direction their money will take or if they require that their money is held for specific projects to open many doors to employment opportunities for young people?

  • شعبان حسن


    Every day, Egypt receives many images of support offered by the sisterly Arab countries in which they show their readiness to help Egypt any time and under the most difficult conditions. Egypt has passed through very harsh conditions that caused negative results and losses that required a long time to repair them. It does not mean that we lost sight of the big gains that Egypt has gotten politically under these harsh conditions as it has gotten positive results. It also has gotten negative ones in which the Arab countries have given aides for Egypt to get out of the crucible of the struggles.

  • خليل محمد


    The Arab Republic of Egypt has passed through many events and harsh conditions during the last period and if it has gained a lot in the political fields, it was affected negatively on the rest of the fields, and the necessities of life. The economic field and the market life have been most exposed to deterioration in their levels and to great losses. Now, the political conditions in Egypt have witnessed stability and peace after giving the authority to the elected president by all the categories of the Egyptian people. It has become a determination to improve the internal conditions that had deteriorated in the last days as well as the security, economy, education, health, and many other conditions that needed great efforts to be improved again. We cannot deny the efforts of the Arab countries and the support that Egypt gets from the Arab countries, the Gulf, and Morocco in all economic, political, security, military, and industrial fields. This situation is a positive act from all the Arab countries that contributed to improving the internal conditions of Egypt now. However, the needs of Egypt are more as well as its demand for all means of support and help. We all thank the Arab presidents who lent helping hands to Egypt during these harsh conditions that it passed through and as such, we ask for continuity.

  • علي مسعد صالح


    When you mention the interests of Egypt, we do not mention its interests only, but we also mention the interests of the entire nation. When we remember what Egypt has done for the Arab countries, there will be no room for doubt that Egypt has not forgotten its role towards the Arabs. Egypt's national role and its strategic role are enough to make the Arab countries consider repeatedly strengthening the role of Egypt and make it always in the forefront of the countries. Now, Egypt really restructures itself. The fact that Egypt really was looted by its people and it became clear to everyone that Egypt's wealth can benefit everyone. Now, we find that Egypt really needs investors to a market very thirsty to work. Egypt is now a suitable fertile ground for business and investment.

  • محمد العسعوسي


    Like it or not, the Arab countries are linked by many bonds stronger than the things that separate them. Relations of cultures, marriage and tongue, no matter how biased, people tried to make a distinction and divide the Arab States. However, they could not do this because no matter how torn the tissues are, they are always re-spun. The interests of the Arab nation and the interests of every other State are the interests of Egypt. Egypt is the western gateway to the Gulf, which takes into account their interests and protects them from the dangers of the Israeli enemy. The countries will only be respected when they are internally and externally united. For example, the Arab countries are not less than the European countries and the European Union countries are the biggest proof that the States do not have a prestige unless they are united. Egypt now needs the support of all the Arab countries around it because these countries are more aware of what was going through Egypt from the dangers of deterioration in the economy which really needs the support and assistance of everyone. Egypt and Saudi Arabia reached the agreement, for example, to create a bridge between the two countries to raise the economy of the two countries on a very large scale because it will not be just a bridge, but it will be a link between Africa and Asia, through which huge gains will be introduced into Egypt and the Arab countries. There are thousands of ideas that can be implemented, but what we really need is acceleration of the implementation of the steps and restoration of the trust between the countries because if Egypt rose, all the country would raise, not just Egypt.

  • عبدالله العامر


    In the light of pressure from the United States on some Gulf countries for them not to provide financial help to Egypt after the events of the January revolution, they did not respond and did not pay any attention to the threats, taking into account the links of Arab brotherhood, and maintaining cohesion regardless of the outcome. On the other hand, there are those who speak of the existence of the wishes of the Gulf to suppress and extinguish the fires of the Arab revolutions for fear that they might reach them. Therefore, they try to hit the Egyptian revolution and not provide a helping hand to them. However, these statements are not based on vivid facts or specific information. It is possible that these statements emanate from the conspiracy plot to drive a wedge between the Arab countries, which remained captives of a plot for many years.

  • علي حبيب سلمان


    Egypt has recently passed through harsh conditions, especially since the glorious revolution of January 25 which has resulted in a deterioration of the Egyptian economy and its total indicators, bringing the issue of external financial support back again to the fore. The promises of foreign countries of Europe and America to provide financial assistance to Egypt were not at as high a level as was offered by the Gulf Arab States of financial and moral support for our dear Egypt. On top of these countries are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. We do not forget threats of the United States to Egypt to cut aid because of following procedures taken by Egypt activating the code that controls over the work of foreign organizations. If the European countries seek their own interests through the game of the carrot and the stick, as they say, the Arab support would still be holding the bonds of the historical Arab brotherhood. The Arab countries have promised to support Egypt financially in light of the current crisis and it has fulfilled its promises. This was a historic test that determines the future of the Egyptian-Arab relations in general and the Gulf in particular. The Arab countries built relationships with the former Egyptian regime, but the situation has changed now and these countries are facing a difficult test if they renege on their promises of financial support to Egypt's economy. The Gulf countries have already passed difficult circumstances and pressures by the United States so as not to provide financial aid to Egypt.

  • احمد شرف


    Arab support in Egypt is not through economic and financial support only, but it is also possible that it is presented in other things including the Arab States support of Egypt in the fight against terrorism and criminal outposts. Once I had read in the newspaper that there is a special concern from the Arab countries to support Egypt to spread its influence in Sinai to eliminate terrorism in that region. The Arab countries unanimously denounced the attacks which happened in Sinai. The government has expressed its agreement to be supported by the Arab world in its economy because of the country's economic and political conditions. Qatar has decided to support Egypt with 2 billion pounds to support the Egyptian economy and the Arab support strengthens the bonds and communication among the Arab countries.

  • عبد العزيز سلمان


    Egypt has lost the support of the Arab community after the January 25 revolution, whether material or moral support. Many countries declared after Mubarak stepped down they would support Egypt with money and investments, but that did not exceed the phase of statements. Everyone was avoiding it and their support for Egypt was supporting the revolutionary spirit that probably would reach their people and their countries. Arab countries forgot Egypt's leading role throughout the centuries and its material, moral and economic support for all Arab countries. The situation began to change slightly after President Mohammed Mursi, who sought to recover Egypt's leading role in the region and supports its relationship with countries in the region and seek to attract private investments after achieving political stability and security with significant proportion.

  • حمزه منذر


    Egypt had suffered over many years of corruption, injustice and poverty until the revolution of January 25th ripped off this corrupt regime and breathed freedom for the first time after that regime had used all its riches to achieve its greediness. Egypt suffers from poverty and a weak economy which led to many of the Egyptian people living below the poverty line. It is time for Egypt to remove all this corruption accumulated for years. Egypt will not stand by idly. They did not make this revolution to become like that. It even asked for a helping hand from its sisters in the Arab world. How many States did Egypt help and stand with since the 1948 war until this day? It is time for these countries to pay a tribute to Egypt.

  • خميس احمد


    Egypt is at heart of the Arab world and the focus of attention for all the Arab countries, and we cannot deny the fact that Egypt has provided support to many Arab countries in the past at the time when they were undergoing their own revolutions such as Algeria and Yemen, and the support that the Gulf countries gave to Egypt in the October war. However, currently, we are not seeing the expected Arab support for Egypt after the revolution, as it was expected that the Arab countries would stand beside the Egyptian revolution with moral and financial support. But what has happened is that some countries came out against the Egyptian revolution for fear of similar revolutions taking place against the regimes in power in those countries. However, we hope that this support will start from now on by means of launching Arab investment projects in Egypt so that the Arab nation can return back to being a unified and tight-knit body.

  • هادي السيد محمد


    Many think that it has become imperative for the Arab countries to extend a helping hand to Egypt in this current critical phase in its history, in the wake of the Egyptian revolution that has brought back to mind the heroism of the Egyptian people, and which will be the first step toward the restoration of Egypt’s position among the countries of the world and the restoration of the Egyptian economy, which will reflect positively on all the countries in the region. The Arab world is interconnected in one way or another, whether its governments agree on this or not, and after the contradictory stances of some countries vis-à-vis this revolution or supporting it, we now see that after the election of the first civilian president in Egypt some countries have started to change their stance and decided to launch many investment projects in Egypt, and this will definitely prove to be beneficial to both sides. Egypt is a country full of resources that are in need of the financial element in order to exploit them properly. Also, it has a workforce that is capable of working at a lower cost than many other countries, which is something that will be an incentive for Arab investors to launch many projects in Egypt. One of the most important factors that will encourage the Arab countries to provide aid and support to Egypt is the provision of the security element in Egypt, as this will reassure any investor before they invest their capital in any project in Egypt. And when some countries see how others before them have proven to be successful, this will prompt them to join in with the others.

  • علي سلمان داود


    Egypt has been exposed to many crises that may destroy its economy and that we cannot recognize, and the Arab nation should support the Egyptians and stand beside them so they will rise again. By raising Egypt, there is no doubt that all the Arab countries will rise. Egypt is not a poor country, but because of the theft of its wealth, corruption spread in all fields. But Egypt never left the Arab countries; Egypt has given them a lot and history cannot deny that; also, they are the only people who can raise Egypt again to get the thoughts and points of view as close as possible. The Arab nation was and still is one hand and cannot be disintegrated.

  • يوسف ابراهيم


    Arab support for Egypt is the duty of the Arab countries, after the Egyptian revolution against the tyrants. Through the support of the Arab countries in the International Fund, Egypt can get out of its crisis quickly. Qatar is also one of the countries that whetted the appetite of the investors by putting a deposit in the International Fund to open the market after Egypt had come under the control of the elected civilian president. The Arab countries were and still are standing with Egypt, because it is an important gate to protect the Gulf and their interests.

  • فوزي عبدالله


    Egypt has never been a negligible state, and its views are considerable in the Arab arena, so the Arab countries were and are still standing beside Egypt. After the revolution of 25 January, Egypt witnessed support from all the Arab countries, and the Gulf investors are working on entering the Egyptian market, despite the big setbacks in the market. But the Gulf investors, unlike the western investors, know well that they are aware of the Egyptian market and they know how to exploit it well. The Gulf investor always gets encouragement from the Egyptian citizen because of the convergence concepts and the demands of the Egyptian market, especially after the absence of the foreign investor from the local Egyptian market. We find that there is a lot of support from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar. Saudi Arabia, after Egypt, has stopped exporting gas to Israel, and is calling on all the Arab countries to stand with Egypt and they declare that their support for the Egyptian decision is not only support for the Egyptians, but for the Arab cause.

  • عبدالله عبدالرضا عبدالله


    Egypt is the largest Arab country in terms of population. And perhaps it is the most important Arab country politically, thanks to its vital and prominent role in all the political, social and cultural issues. Thus, the Arab countries must support Egypt because it has an important impact on the whole Arab region. In fact, the Arab countries can support Egypt in many aspects such as economic and political support. Thus, the Arab countries must strengthen their relationships with Egypt and they must support its new revolutionary regime through providing guidance concerning its internal or external political issues. And concerning the economic support, the Arab countries that have strong economies must consider Egypt as a fertile ground for investment, especially with its large population. Thus, it is characterized by the diversity in the human resources. This is in addition to the strong productivity force. Besides, there are many large areas for building factories and there are a lot of agricultural spaces that are considered as raw materials for industry. Thus, Egypt is a vital market for presenting the Arab products. Besides, among the means of the economic support, it is possible to provide loans and financial aid in order to help Egypt to overcome its current crisis. This is in order to move to a safer and a more stable phase and to witness a better future like all the developed countries.

  • مبارك ماجد


    I believe that Arab support for Egypt, so far, has not reached the expected level. For this reason, we hope that the amount of social and economic exchange between the Arab countries and Egypt will increase in the future. In fact, there is no doubt that the role of Egypt and its position among Arab States is very important. Egypt is the core of the Arab world and the epitome of civilization. It is no secret to anyone that Egypt at this time needs global and regional support in order to get the economy back on its feet after a period of thirty years of continuous theft and looting. The aid would represent an important support to the Egyptian people as well as the economy which requires urgent recovery. We should think of the influential Arab countries and take them into account. Those nations are expected to play a greater role. In fact, Egypt will never ask for such assistance and support. It expects the Arab nations to take the initiative and rush to provide the expected support. The role of Egypt in the Arab world in the past was actually great. Indeed, Egypt has always been the first to help its brotherly Arab nations. Suffice it to say that Egypt taught the Arabs how to call for freedom. The Arabs did not know the importance of freedom. There must be a starting point. In fact, the Arabs should show their good intentions and bear in mind that the support of Egypt would affect all other nations. The development of the Arab nations depends on the economic recovery of Egypt. This nation plays a leading role in the Arab region. Egypt has always been the leader of the Arabs.

  • وليد ذيب ارشيد


    We know the importance of the Gulf investments and their impact upon Egypt as well as how it helps the growth of its economy, its impact on the life of the individual and society. The government must allow these investments to work for their benefits and revenues on the country, the economy, and on tourism that will affect Egypt and its great people.

  • عبد الله احمد ياسين


    These days, the Egyptian Government and the Egyptian people are suffering from the deteriorating economy. However, the Egyptian economy is being revitalized and reformed again. Efforts must be exerted to revive the economy again. The Gulf investments must be discussed because they will have a positive impact on the Egyptian State, as they will also share in solving many problems that the Egyptians are suffering from, and one of them is the problem of unemployment.

  • يوسف عمر ابو جلبوش


    We support the Egyptian Government and urge it to increase the Gulf and Arab investments in Egypt because they are the biggest sources of the Egyptian economy that they count on. Therefore, they need to be encouraged and considered in order for them not to lose this source and these big resources which affect the rise of the standard of economy for the individuals and the community inside and outside Egypt. The money, which comes from abroad, will help in increasing the investment, the trade, the transport, the import, the industry, and the production, as well as help improve the education, the health sector, help raise the standards of living, and provide job opportunities because many companies were affected by the revolution and have stopped working. Therefore, I urge the Egyptian Government to consider these investments that will revive the Egyptian economy and its good impact on the individual and society besides fulfilling the needs of the Egyptian State to restore the stability of the economy which all of the Egyptians are currently suffering from.

  • ياسين عبد الوهاب


    During the Arab Spring, Egypt carried out a great revolution which the entire world has witnessed its strength. Egypt has proven to the world that it still has youth who are capable of eradicating corruption and injustice which were an integral part of the country in the period prior to the Revolution. Indeed, it is well-known that once any country makes a revolution, the regime which used to rule before the revolution starting from the President to the smallest member who has been supporting his ideology must be overthrown. After that, the country will become calmer in order to reconstruct itself once again on sound bases after the demolition of the former ones which have been formed by the former regime. Thus, Arab as well as foreign countries must provide Egypt with financial support as much as they can so that it could stand up once again and rebuild its future after they used to have an unpredictable one. Thus, Egypt should build its future and restore its former position as the best solution for all the Arab countries given that it is the heart of the Arab world which beats with goodness. In addition, the new Government must exploit the Arab support well in developing everything in the country. Besides, it should not be content with financial support but it should focus on psychological support in order to encourage the youth to work and provide foreign investments in Egypt. This will help the flow of capital to the country which will enable it to achieve much progress and prosperity.

  • أحلام


    The Arab Republic of Egypt is an organ in the Arab body. It is an important and effective organ that is considered the most powerful one, so the Arab world must support and help Egypt until the entire body recovers and heals because if one organ aches, other organs feel its pain and stay awake in fever. The Arab Republic of Egypt plays an important and primary role in the Arab region, and is one of its strongest states. God blessed Egypt and placed it in an excellent, distinguished, political and strategic location in the world. The power of Egypt means power for the Arab nation. Therefore, all the Arab countries must help Egypt to rise from its current crisis that resulted from the former regime which destroyed its economy and weakened the standard of living. All these negative aspects made Egypt in need of help from its Arab brothers to be revived again by pumping investments in all fields of the economy which will benefit both the investors and Egypt, and bring prosperity to them both. The strong economy will put the Arab people in the lead.

  • عنتر التميمى صعيد مصر


    Our hope is closeness and understanding between all the Arab and Muslim nations in all fields such as the economic, health, social and security issues because we need them since a long time. God willing, it will be achieved through us and we will break all the difficulties.