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Al-Qaeda attempts to open training camps in central Yemen

Members of Yemen's elite Republican Guards Forces patrol a road leading to Lauder in Abyan province. [Khaled Abdullah Ali Al Mahdi/Reuters]

Members of Yemen's elite Republican Guards Forces patrol a road leading to Lauder in Abyan province. [Khaled Abdullah Ali Al Mahdi/Reuters]



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The Yemeni Interior Ministry said in a statement Thursday (July 12th) that security agencies have uncovered a plot by al-Qaeda to set up training camps in the mountainous regions of Ibb and al-Daleh provinces.

The ministry said it directed security agencies in both provinces "to counter any attempt by al-Qaeda terrorists to infiltrate" any region of the two provinces, especially the al-Radhma, al-Nadira, and Qatabe, where al-Qaeda members were spotted conducting reconnaissance.

The new locations would replace camps in the Radaa directorate, which are vulnerable to air strikes.

The ministry's leadership stressed "the need for vigilance and caution".

"The mountainous and rugged topography of Ibb and al-Daleh provinces is very attractive to al-Qaeda, particularly following its defeat and the pursuit of its fighters in Abyan and Shabwa," Brigadier General Fouad al-Attab, director of security for Ibb, told Al-Shorfa.

"The security services are monitoring all of al-Qaeda's movements, investigating information, and pursuing al-Qaeda members, especially information that relates to establishment of training camps, and are working to thwart any attack al-Qaeda may carry out," he said

Al-Attab encouraged residents in Ibb and Al-Daleh to report any suspicious activity.

Al-Qaeda in 'its most vulnerable stage"

Colonel Abdullah al-Shaddadi, security director for the al-Nadira directorate in Ibb province, said, "When we received the Ministry of Interior's directive about al-Qaeda's plot to set up training camps in our areas, we raised the security alert level on the roads and entrances to the directorate."

"We contacted all tribal elders and officials in the area and instructed them to be on the alert for any suspicious activity and to alert the security directorate if any such activity occurs," al-Shaddadi said. "We are ready to respond to any attempts of sabotage."

Faris al-Saqqaf, a political analyst and director of the Centre for Future Studies, told Al-Shorfa, "Following their defeat in Abyan and Shabwa provinces, remnants of Ansar al-Sharia will take refuge in new areas that they assume are not being monitored by security services."

He said that "al-Qaeda considered and selected these areas on the assumption that they would not be pursued in them, particularly after the blows they sustained in Abyan."

"Another possible reason for them to flee to those areas is to attract airstrikes that claim innocent lives and turn public opinion against the war on al-Qaeda in the north and the south," al-Saqqaf added. "Al-Qaeda is at its most vulnerable stage and has sustained numerous blows."

"(Al-Qaeda) has passed through multiple generations, and this generation, its third, is the weakest," he said. "It will be easier for security agencies backed by intelligence support to fight them if they move into Ibb and al-Daleh with traditional weapons because security agencies will be able to isolate clusters from the main force in these mountainous regions, and then surround and defeat them."

"Al-Qaeda has suffered significant losses, especially by targeting innocent civilians which cost it the sympathy of the local population," al-Saqqaf said. "This will be a critical factor because the highly educated population in those areas are aware of the threat."

Al-Saqqaf said security forces "must treat information acquired about their movements seriously and take appropriate action, such as forming popular resistance committees and attaching them to the armed forces, given the success of the experiment in Abyan and Shabwa".

"The state should lead a cultural, intellectual, and economic war against extremist ideology until it is eradicated," he said.





    Allah with yemen and we with it

  • ابو محيمد


    Let us talk about the crimes committed by those movements within the Yemeni community. They have spread destruction and desolation throughout Yemen. That destruction has affected the economic sector in a bad way and has an impact on the stability of the security of the Yemeni citizen. The citizen has paid the biggest part of the price of the spread of these movements in his community. Unemployment has increased due to the lack of any employment opportunities because of the destruction of the Yemeni economic infrastructure, let alone the murdered and the wounded people who are collected by these crimes. The existence of the al-Qaeda cells in Iraq caused the displacement of many citizens from their homes and they left their homes with what they had, under the arrest of the terrorist cells which have become their own houses, the houses of the displaced citizens with all the fortunes in them. Allah, help our brothers in Yemen who suffered from the crimes in those cells which are taking everything that they have through brute force and they have expelled all Honorable Yemenis from their countries.

  • ahmed el sawy


    Thank god that there is no Al Qaeda in Egypt. Even if Al Qaeda was present in Egypt, we have an army that could deal with them in no time.